International Workshop on

Dynamics, Optimization, and Computation

In honor of Michael Dellnitz' 60th birthday

September 26 September 30, 2022

Paderborn University, Germany

During the last 25 years, computational techniques for dynamical systems and optimization problems have been developed which allow for the efficient and rigorous approximation of solutions of arbitrary shape and topology. They already have found manifold applications in, e.g., molecular dynamics, engineering, climate research and biology. The goal of this workshop is to bring together international scientists in order to discuss recent advances and explore connections to other techniques. The workshop continues a worldwide series of international workshops started in Mexico City in 2010 and held so far at TUM, UNSW, TUD, U Canterbury, ICL, FUB and UCSB.

Organizing committee

K. Flaßkamp (Saarbrücken), G. Froyland (Sydney), R. Gerlach, (Paderborn), O. Junge (Munich), S. Klus (Surrey), S. Ober-Blöbaum (Paderborn), K. Padberg-Gehle (Lüneburg), S. Peitz (Paderborn), R. Preis (Dortmund), O. Schütze (Mexico City), S. Sertl (Munich), B. Thiere (Paderborn)

Special Issue in Mathematical and Computational Applications

There will be a Special Issue in the Journal "Mathematical and Computational Applications" on "Set Oriented Numerics" to accompany the workshop. All participants are welcome to contribute before the deadline (November 30, 2022). For more details, see


  • Andrzej Banazuk (Lockheed Martin)

  • Kathrin Flaßkamp (Saarland University)

  • Gary Froyland (University of New South Wales)

  • Dimitris Giannakis (New York University)

  • Martin Golubitsky (Ohio State University)

  • Oliver Junge (Technical University of Munich)

  • Yannis Kevrekidis (Johns Hopkins University)

  • Péter Koltai (Free University of Berlin)

  • Kathrin Klamroth (University of Wuppertal)

  • Stefan Klus (University of Surrey)

  • Prashant Mehta (University of Illinois)

  • Ian Melbourne (University of Warwick)

  • Konstantin Mischaikow (Rutgers University)

  • Sina Ober-Blöbaum (Paderborn University)

  • Kathrin Padberg-Gehle (Leuphana University Lüneburg)

  • Sebastian Peitz (Paderborn University)

  • Tuhin Sahai (Raytheon Technologies)

  • Christof Schütte (Zuse Institute Berlin)

  • Oliver Schütze (CINVESTAV-IPN)