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What is LPG and where does it come from?

LPG is the by-product from the distillation of crude oil and produced during the processing of wet gases such as NGLs (natural gas liquids) at a natural gas plant.

Is LPG Safe?

LPG is a safe non-toxic, eco-friendly, and economical source of energy with a lower level of flammability than the gasoline used in cars.

Why does LPG smell funny?

LPG gas is colourless and odourless in it original state, so the chemical ethyl mercaptan is added to it to create a distinctive sell (similar to a pungent scent of rotten eggs). If you smell the foul odour, call us immediately at 473-440-2184.

What should I do if I think I smell leaking gas?

All leak on a LPG line could be dangerous. You should immediately extinguish all smoking materials and open flames and evacuate the area where LPG is present. If possible, open windows and doors to increase the flow of ventilation through the room. Do not turn on any light switches or operate electrical appliances, thermostats or telephones as they could cause a spark and possibly ignite the escaping gas. If you are unable to locate the source of the leak, exit the building and shut-off the LPG (righty, tight) at the tank. You should call Sol from a cell phone or your neighbour's home. Do not enter the building until advised to do so.

Why is LPG considered "green"?

Because it is a renewable sustainable energy and it is cleaner than our current major source of energy generated by burning diesel fuel to power the Caribbean. Burning LPG to make energy reduces the amount of heavy metals, hydrocarbons and emissions that are released into the atmosphere. LPG is not like the gaseous compounds HFC (Hyrdochlorofluorocarbon) refrigerant nor a CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) so it does not harm our delicate ozone layer.

How do I order a gas delivery?

There are several ways to order gas.

1. Order online by clicking here

2. Call our office to request a delivery at 473-440-2184

3. For 20Lbs cylinders, click here to see our list of Retailers and Resellers

If I run out of LPG, why does my LPG installation system have to undergo a leak test?

If your tank is completely empty and there is no vapor pressure in the tank, then there is a high possibility that you may have a leak. Most gas appliances are equipped with low pressure safeties. Modern safeties are in place to ensure that you always operate your appliances safely. If your appliance still has a standing pilot light, then your pilot could evacuate your line completely, but you should still have your system inspected to be certain.

Do bulk storage LPG tanks ever explode?

There is a possibility, but this occurrence is rare and highly unlikely. Conditions mus be perfect for a LPG storage tank to explode. It is called BLEVE (Boiling liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion). This is caused by flame impingement on the tank and it can only be caused this way. Shooting or dropping a tank will not cause it to explode. You are safer using LPG in your home or business than you are putting gas in your car. LPG tanks do not explode, implode, rupture or come apart on their own due to safety devices and mechanisms in place to prevent tank explosions and accidents.