What’s the best way to generate qualified solar leads

how to generate solar leads

There are a LOT of ways, so “best” is tough since things change, new strategies come out etc..

Is “best” the easiest, the fastest, the ones that convert the highest %?

Anyway… I would say programs that are guaranteed, or ones that you don’t pay for marketing until after the sale comes in. (we have one where we promote the company on Yelp, Living Social, and around 200 more sites for free, and AFTER a sale comes in we’re paid a %)

We’ve not done solar yet, so I’m not sure how effective it would be, but at some point we will…

We also have a program where we can target 700+ demographics, like age, income, home age, type of home, area, hobbies, # of kids, industry, etc and email them.

We guarantee 1.5% click rate, and if we don’t get it, we work for free until we do. (we normally come in higher though, since we can target so well) It ends up around $1.50 a click.

The best way has, and will always be, referrals. Do a good job with your customers, and incentivize them to tell their friends. and neighbors.

I had a good experience with my installer, and I’ve given them probably 20 leads over the past 5 years, of which at least 5 have gone with them and installed solar. They pay me $300 for each lead that converts. But, I would have recommended them even if they didn’t pay me.

The best way to get solar leads is from references. Building a strong network is essential in any business. Visit solar related conferences and expos, and other industrial expos that have potential to put up solar plants. Build your network in such industrial sectors and keep in touch with them. Once you are able to convert a lead, you will get many references thereon.