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Solar leads

Exclusive Leads Agency transforms the solar installation experience for both homeowners and contractors. We generate solar install leads through our high traffic digital marketing channels. Our homeowners are seeking to connect with qualified solar professionals for their solar installation projects in real-time.

  • Homeowners request to connect with local solar contractors

  • Modernize instantly matches local homeowners to your sales team

  • Your team calls the homeowner to schedule an at-home appointment

We qualify all of our residential solar installation leads to give you the best homeowners in your service area.

Online solar leads you can convert today.

Whether you’re pivoting to digital marketing or have been in digital marketing for years, we pride ourselves on being experts in understanding homeowner demand, targeting and how that will impact your solar business.

  • Instantly match with more homeowners

    Connect your sales team with more homeowner leads in real-time. Modernize homeowner leads are ready to begin their solar installation projects and are actively searching for locally trusted solar contractors to get the job done.

  • Increase success with data-driven strategies

    Convert solar install leads quicker with strategies proven by industry experts. The Modernize data feedback loop gives you unmatched insight into thousands of potential solar install leads with high potential to convert in your area.

  • Grow your business, confidently

    When you partner with the largest private residential lead generation service in the U.S., be prepared to grow. The sky's the limit for growing your top line revenue and monthly company sales with us. We’ve become the experts by focusing on solar as one of our primary core trades for lead generation.

  • Scale your results with Partner Managers

    From the start, you are paired with a dedicated one-on-one partner manager. Your partner manager becomes a component of your team to provide proven process optimization techniques, home improvement industry insights, and to keep you up to date on relevant trends in your service areas. They will work hand-in-hand with your company, and measure success by the KPI and cost acquisition goals you set together.

Solar Energy Facts

Your Solar Lead Generation Partner

The Solar Power industry is poised for rapid growth, but it’s still a relatively new field. While harnessing the sun’s energy may not exactly be a new concept, the solar industry is rapidly evolving.

Your customers are likely to have questions and concerns about solar energy, and being prepared to answer their queries or to overcome potential objections will help you turn more of your solar leads into loyal, paying customers.

As your solar lead generation partner, RGR Marketing wants to help your solar business succeed. After all, when you do well, we do well. Let us help you close more solar deals by educating you on the facts about solar energy.

Solar Works Everywhere

Some of your solar leads may assume that they’d have to live in a desert to make installing solar a sound investment. That’s actually not the case. Naturally, solar systems are a bit more efficient in sunny areas, but they’re still quite effective even in cloudy regions like the Pacific Northwest.

So How Exactly Does Solar Power Get Generated?

Taking advantage of semiconductor materials similar to those located in computer chips, solar panels capture the light from the sun, which in turn pounds electrons loose from their atoms. These electrons travel through the cell, generating electricity. But what about bumping that up to a grander scale, for something like a solar thermal power plant?

At a larger scale (much bigger than a common roof-top solar panel installation on a private residence), a solar-generated power plant typically uses several different techniques to convert the sun’s energy and heat into useable electrical power. That heat becomes the source for boiling water, which is then used to drive a steam turbine. Similar to other power plants (think nuclear- or coal-generated power), the steam turbine generates the electricity that is fed into the power grid, and delivered right to the many homes and businesses that populate any given city.

Solar Energy Reduces Pollution

Some of your prospects may have had their impression of the environmental benefits of solar energy tainted by rhetoric from those who have a vested interest in preventing solar power’s adoption by the larger public.

They may have heard that the process used to produce solar panels produces more greenhouse gases than using fossil fuel. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. While the solar panel manufacturing process does produce small amounts of pollutants, those pale in comparison to the emissions caused by fossil fuel consumption.

The “energy payback” period (the time it takes for photovoltaic systems to recover the energy used in their production) ranges from 1 to 4 years, depending on the system. Most systems have a life expectancy of 30 years or more. Thus, 87-97% of the energy they’ll generate over a lifetime will be pollution-free. The same certainly cannot be said for fossil fuels.

Going Solar Is Good for Business

Eco-friendly business owners are going solar, too. For businesses, the benefits of solar power go beyond environmental quality and economic savings. Going solar is also an excellent PR move. Today’s consumers are eager to support businesses that hold themselves to a higher standard. Adopting green energy policies is an excellent way to show your clients that you share their concerns, and that you’re making strides to be a part of the solution.

Solar Power Is a Smart Investment

There was a time when going solar was simply financially out of reach for most households, but times are changing. Due to technological advancements and growing economies of scale, solar energy is now a financially viable energy choice for private citizens.

In fact, solar power can even save you money in the long run. It’s currently estimated that a home solar system will pay for itself in 17.5 years. With a life expectancy of nearly double that, it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that solar is an excellent long-term investment. Factor in the tax incentives, and the overall proposition looks even better.

What Does “Photovoltaic” Mean?

Photovoltaic, often referred to as PV, is a way of generating electricity. In the process, solar radiation is converted into a direct electrical current (DC) through the use of semiconductors, which exhibit the “photovoltaic effect.” The solar panels that homeowners typically install on the roof of their home are composed of large numbers of solar cells that contain photovoltaic material. A few common semiconductor materials currently being used in the manufacturing of photovoltaics includes:

  • Monocrystalline Silicon

  • Polycrystalline Silicon

  • Amorphous Silicon

  • Cadmium Telluride

  • Copper Indium Gallium Selenide/Sulfide

It should come as no surprise that during the daytime – when the sun is shining its brightest – the conversion from solar to direct current takes place. Advances in solar technology continue to drive the cost of photovoltaic cells down, speeding the time it takes for homeowners to recoup their investment, and providing increased economic advantages for private home use.


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