Solar panels Malaysia – How to Select the Right Solar Panels for Your Home

The demand for solar panels in Malaysia is at a record level, making solar panels a bit more affordable than they ever have been. This makes solar system Malaysia a pretty fine return on investment since most panels will generate sufficient energy to offset their initial buy cost over their lifetime.

You can also decrease your primary investments even more via energy credits, tax incentives, as well as bulk pricing.

Not every solar panel Malaysia is created equal, and normally speaking a cheaper solar panel would not generate energy as efficiently as the best quality solar panel. To make the finest investments for your right budget plan, you will need to balance the long term using policy against the primary cost of a panel. From factors entire counts towards cost!

I’m often asked by my post readers and solar Malaysia site visitors, what they should take into account when thinking about designing a solar-powered house. This post will focus on my experience and opinion, the most vital element of solar energy Malaysia, the solar panels.

One of the most asked questions about panels is how to select the right solar panel in Malaysia for your home installation.

Here’re a few of the best factors to consider:

1. The efficiency of the solar panels

2. The cost of the solar panels

3. The type of solar panels

4. The durability of the solar panels

There’re 4 of the most vital factors to consider when selecting solar energy panels for your home in Malaysia. A few other key factors that you’d consider are:

The recommendations of friends, family, consultants, acquaintances, and colleagues that have had solar energy panels installed on their own houses!

The workings of solar electric panel

These solar panels are often made up of several smaller solar cells and are electrically linked as well as encapsulated as a module. And this module is called a solar energy panel.

Photovoltaic Modules (PV) or Solar Electric Panels often have a fixed sheet of glass on the front section (sunny side up), allowing sunlight to pass through while protecting the other semiconductor elements from the other elements.

When photons of light strike the solar cell, immediately electrons are released and they’re moved via the silicon and are select up by the electrical contacts. They turn along the circuit in the shape of DC (Direct Current) – the sort of the electric energy or power in a usual battery.

The energy flows via the load (for instance, a fan or a light bulb) and back into the solar energy cell on the lower section, completing the circuit process. This Direct Current can be utilized in real-time during sunlight periods for anything needing 12V Direct Currents.

Solar energy cells are also normally connected in lines, or modules or a chain, making an additive voltage supply. Connecting solar panel Malaysia cells in parallel will yield a superior current.

The more Malaysia solar panels, the more energy is generated, solar panels are normally installed (placed) on rooftops or in open spaces that have the best exposure of the sunlight. This is done so that solar energy panels can absorb the max rate of natural light energy at any given time.

The solar energy in Malaysia will vary in size and this all depends on the demands of the house and space. To make practical utilization of solar produced power, the energy is most often fed into the electric energy grid using inverters, in a standalone system, solar energy storage batteries are utilized to store the power that’s not required immediately. The store energy can be utilized when the sunlight is not present.

Solar power Malaysia can also be utilized to power and recharge portable devices. Your solar energy systems comprise a range of solar energy modules or solar energy panels that are variously arranged into a solar array.

The particular solar panel configuration chosen will determine the rate of power your system produces.

The number of solar energy panels you need will be determined by the rate of charge that you need to recharge your entire system during the sunlight periods of every day. For a 12 volts system, if you need to replace 100A/h of charge to your solar energy batteries every day, and you’ve approximately eight sunlight hours in every day you’ll need…

· 100 AH x 12V = 1200 WH

· 1200 WH / 8H = 150 W of solar energy panels.

In reality, 150 Watt of solar energy panels would be enough for a small house or cottage. In reality, it’s recommended that you forever overrate your needs by at least 20 percent, therefore you’d need 180 Watt of solar energy panels.

So, now that you know what to look in choosing Solar energy panels, it is time to shop around.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of the solar panels is how much of the sunlight hit the panel is converted into energy and hence, how much energy your system will produce. The more efficient and better outcome, it’s not forever the best option to get the widest and most efficient panel, since you might end up investing more cash than you’d cover your power needs. You’d access your needs and find the right panel that suits your exact needs.


It is vital and obviously, anybody would like a fine warranty but also people would love to have a warranty that’s held here in Malaysia and it is vital – you need to ensure the panels have a local presence in Malaysia if you do have any kind of claim.


This is very interesting because many people do purchase on price but for me, it is not the most vital case. When I think about the best value it means more than price.

Always Go Local

It supports a business but also local is actually from an after ales matters – so wherever you can support solar company in Malaysia.

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