Sol Automatic

Career Summary: Experienced Enterprise Security Consultant with varied background including systems analysis, technical coordination, systems administration and management including all security considerations. Proven technical engineering skills. Adopts a consultative and teamwork approach linking business requirements to technical solutions. Experienced at communicating at various management levels.


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

  • Delegated owner of IT Risks.

  • Risk mitigation on identified risks.

  • IAM, 2FA, SSO, anti-malware, storage & backup.

Security Solutions Consultant

  • Second line IT Security support for healthcare participants.

  • Implementation of internal projects; BCM, Metrics, IoC distribution.

  • Strategic and tactical policy implementations.

  • Updates on internal infrastructure.

  • MISP.

Security Operations Consultant

  • Responsible for day-to-day in-depth security operations.

  • Design & Execute; Security Management, Incident Management, Vulnerability Management, Problem Management, Patch Management/Remediation, Reporting.

  • Design & Execute Firewall request approval, Responsible Disclosure, Abuse, Privacy incidents/GDPR/AVG, CSIRT, SOC, SIEM, vendor management.

  • ISO27001, Cobit, ITSM

  • Qualys Vulnerability Scanner, RT/IR Incident Response.

  • Tool building C# .NET.

  • OSS/BSS/CRM/Office Fixed & Mobile domain.

Strategic Sales Support

  • Innovation on service delivery by IT security.

  • Repositioning from infrastructure supplier to business enabler.

  • Risk Management & IT Security consultancy.

  • ITILv3/IT Delivery consultancy.

  • Vendor management.

  • Arbitration between government and IT vendor conflicts.

  • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Software Defined Networks.

  • Products: HP, Fortigate, A10, Vmware NSX, HCIS, Cisco.

Cloud Technology Consultant

  • Independent quality audit of tendered IT projects.

  • Arbitration in tendered IT projects.

  • Support in cloud roadmaps and strategies.

  • Products: IBM ICO and Openstack.

IT audit

  • Audit on infrastructure, operation & service delivery.

  • Develop strategy/vision on Service Delivery.

  • Implement tactical framework for Renewed Service Delivery (PDC).

  • Advise senior management on technical issues that affect business relations.

  • Repaired technical performance bottlenecks.

IT audit & Get-Well projects

  • Audit on infrastructure, operation & service delivery.

  • Develop strategy/vision on Service Delivery.

  • Implement tactical framework for Renewed Service Delivery (PDC).

  • Advise senior management on technical issues that affect business relations.

  • Repaired technical performance bottlenecks.

Telecom MVNO implementation IT/TI infrastructure.

  • Design operational infrastructure.

  • OSS/BSS platforms.

  • Office automation.

  • Call Centre infrastructure

  • Supplier selection.

Infrastructure/Security project management.

  • Acting as project manager for the implementation of security infrastructure to prevent privacy-sensitive-data-leakage.

  • Design & Coordinate implantation of IBM AIX infrastructure in a twin-site context;

  • 3rd party connectivity.

  • Project management.

  • Generic IT security.

  • Supplier management.

  • Application gateways, in depth protocol analyses, ssl intercept, DMZ infrastructure.

  • Fail-over & Disaster Recovery design & process.

  • Special products: Fortigate, A10networks, Balabit.

Infrastructure/Security Solutions Consultant.

  • Acting as security consultant, responsible for delivery of various security and infrastructure related projects.

  • Design & Coordinate implantation of infrastructure for Disaster Recovery for BSS platform;

  • Application/System fail-over.

  • 3rd party connectivity.

  • Identity and Access Management.

  • Project management.

  • Generic IT security.

  • Internet technologies.

  • Software Escrow.

Infrastructure/Security Solutions Architect.

  • Design & Coordinate implantation of infrastructure solutions for BSS platform;

  • 3rd part connectivity.

  • End-User & workstation access.

  • DMZ configuration.

  • Datacenter design, acquisition and implementation.

  • Supplier management.

  • Lead architect/consultant.

  • Project management.

  • Infrastructure security (Data Leakage Protection, availability solutions)

  • Participating in RFP projects.

  • DMZ infrastructure, VDI/Citrix, IP configuration, layer2/3, BGP, IPS, VPN, UNIX, Windows, databases, Java.

Infrastructure/Security Solutions Architect.

  • Design & implement outsourcing transition paths.

  • Design & implement infrastructure projects.

  • Coordination of technical implementation teams.

  • Integral security architect.

  • Customers: Eneco, Telfort, Ministerie BzK,

Enterprise Architect Outsourcing

  • Inventory & advice in customer enterprise infrastructure (Workspace, Network & Datacenter).

  • Design & implement outsourcing transition paths.

  • Design & implement infrastructure projects, related to outsourcing.

  • Coordination of technical implementation teams.

  • Integral security architect.

  • Customers: Stork, Achmea, Loodswezen Rotterdam.

Senior Security Consultant

  • Design and implement enterprise internet connectivity.

  • Execute security assessments and resulting ‘get well’ activities.

  • Define security related policies for customers.

Security Analyst (Scanning Officer)

  • Full-time member of Philips Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

  • Investigate security incidents.

  • Participated in definition of IT Security Policies.

  • LAN/WAN policies

  • Workstation policies

  • SOX-related policies

  • 3rd party connectivity policies.

  • End-user policies.

  • Data classification.

  • Security related processes

  • Risk analyses.

  • Exception processes.

  • Emergency rollout processes.

  • Evaluation of network and internet infrastructures

  • Vulnerability assessment of 100000+ network nodes.

  • Development of specialized vulnerability scanners.

  • Participated in global implementation of (ISS) NIDS.

  • Participated in global implantation of Honey pot infrastructure.

Systems Analyst

  • Secondary Lead Analyst, operationally managing a team of 15 System administrators and 6 analysts.

  • Secondary Problem & Change coordinator.

  • Excellent Perl, C and Ksh skills.

  • Coordinating customer driven projects within the datacenter on a global scale.

  • Emergency patch rollout coordination.

  • Insure secure server environment, while maintaining business functionality.

  • Security auditing of servers after changes implemented by the system administrators and motivating system administrators to maintain current security levels.

  • Reproduce & fix vulnerabilities in an isolated test environment.

  • 3rd Line support of:

  • Internet Servers.

  • Web servers, Files servers, EDI servers, Authentication servers, PKI, Mail servers, Firewalls, Cisco switches & routers and chroots.

  • ERP servers.

  • Oracle Apps, CRM, Clusters and Mainframe type servers (E6800 & E10K)

  • Definition of toolset to be used by the datacenter

Technical Coordinator

  • Dedicated to infrastructure migration.

  • Design and coordination of LAN transition.

  • Design and coordination of midrange (Unix & VMS) servers and application transition.

  • Design and implementation of 3rd party & WAN connections, including firewall infrastructure in line with the corporate security guidelines.

  • Coordination of office infrastructure transition.

  • Coordination of PABX transition.

Systems Manager

  • Dedicated to business, supporting a rapidly growing business unit, I was expatriated to Ireland on request of customer.

  • Advise customer IM management in IT related issues.

  • Support customer in acquisition of new hardware and software.

  • Design, build & maintain Sun Solaris systems and applications in financial, logistics and manufacturing 7X24 environments.

  • Design and build Sun HA-clusters running Oracle Applications and MFG/PRO ERP software.

  • Design and build intranet software to enable customer to undertake document management tasks via web interface.

Systems Administrator

  • Dedicated to Sun Solaris environment.

  • Installed and configured following tools:

  • SunOs 4.1.4 – Solaris 10 Operating systems.

  • Windows NT 4.0 Operating system.

  • Oracle RDBMS 7. Database server.

  • Unicenter TNG. Enterprise management tool.

  • Tivoli. Enterprise management tool.

  • Bind, sendmail, NIS, Ftp, Ssh, Apache, Sun Web server and IpFilter infrastructure support tools.