South Hutchinson Stabilization & Overlay Project- Spring 2018

Andale Construction will be stabilizing the roadbed and installing an asphalt surface in South Hutchinson during the Spring of 2018.

Below is information you need to know and the letter that was sent to South Hutchinson residents and businesses.

Your street will be closed TWICE.

You will receive a flyer at your front door notifying you of days your street will be closed.

DO NOT park in the street on dates your street will be closed.

Park on an adjacent street or alley on that day.

If you need assistance getting to and from you house in an emergency,

please call: (316) 249-1914

weather will affect this schedule. be prepared to adjust.

Please check this website often!

US Mail will be held at the Post Office on the Day your street is closed.

Please pick up your mail at Post Office if needed that day. Held mail will then be delivered the next day.

if your street is closed on trash pickup day,

please put your cart in front of your home as normal.

Construction crews will take your trash cart to the pickup point and return it to your location.

zoom in & click your street to see if your street is affected

*Colored lines indicate work on that street

more detailed information on letter below:

click the upper right corner to enlarge:

Preliminary Schedule Letter_SoHutch_041718.pdf