LIVE EVENT: November 19-20


Application-Oriented Modelling and Control of Soft Robots

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Soft robotics and its subfields are increasingly becoming relevant in the academic discipline but lagging in its transferability to the industry. This is partly because of the nascency of the field and the lack of knowledge transfer amongst the two. By approaching the modelling-and-control of soft robots from an application-oriented viewpoint, novel problems and technologies can be discovered. This workshop attempts to bring together experts from various research and application domains working towards real-world control problems to identify the industrial requirements in soft-bodied modelling, state estimation, model identification, path planning control and design optimization; striving towards immediate applications in medicine, entertainment, industrial inspection, space robotics, etc. This workshop is an attempt to help steer the broad field of modelling and control of soft robots towards immediate commercial applications.

The main aim of the workshop is to inspire new approaches in modeling and control of soft robots with the application in mind. We will bring together recognized experts in both modeling and control of soft robots, trying to answer questions such as:

  • What are the needs from the Industry?

  • How to effectively bridge traditional control theory with current soft robotics research? What are the new challenges and roadblocks for real-world deployment?

  • How do we fairly evaluate diverse control architectures in a field with immense design solutions?

  • What are the scopes for future research in the field of soft robot control?

Call for Posters & Special Issue Articles

We would like to invite submission from all respective fields to the topic of interests. Extended abstract of up to 2 pages should be submitted via the abstract submission form. We are following an open format for the submissions but the authors can follow the IEEE RAS template as a guideline ( ).The submissions will be reviewed by the organizers and if accepted will be considered for interactive Poster Sessions. Disney Research is sponsoring three workshop poster presentation prizes, $200 each. Authors will be invited to submit full-length manuscripts to a special issue in Frontiers in Robotics and AI.

Topics of interest

  • Soft Robotics

  • Application-oriented modelling and control

  • State estimation and model identification

  • Design Optimization


Frederic Boyer

Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique, France

Ian Walker

Clemson University, USA

Christian Duriez

INRIA, France

Marc Killpack

Brigham Young University, USA

Caleb Rucker

University of Tennessee, USA

Nabil Simaan

Vanderbilt University, USA

Isuru Godage

DePaul University, USA

Stelian Coros

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Hiromi Mochiyama

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Pierre E. Dupont

Harvard Medical School, USA

Tania Morimoto

University of California San Diego, USA

Zheng Wang

University of Hong Kong, China

Moritz Bächer

Disney Research, Switzerland

Organizing Committee

Thomas George Thuruthel

University of Cambridge

Cosimo Della Santina

TU Delft, DLR

S.M.Hadi Sadati

King's College London

Federico Renda

Khalifa University

Cecilia Laschi

National University of Singapore, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

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Disney Research

Frontiers in Robotics & AI

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