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Development home of VR Puzzle Room and DryVR games for Google Cardboard


Welcome to my development page. I'm a software developer and ever since I started learning about programming around 15 years ago, I've wanted to write games. I remember distinctly being told two things when I used to tell people this: its a hard industry to get into, and you need to be good at Maths.

I did study Maths at A level, but my grades weren't great and I didn't really end up doing the kind of Uni course that lands you good game industry jobs. An abundance of other, non-gaming, programming opportunities drew me into writing data-driven, business applications, and there I have stayed since.

When I was first shown a Google Cardboard, and saw what could be done with a phone, some cardboard, and a couple of lenses, I could see a lot of potential. But I was disappointed with the selection on Google Play at the time, and I thought I could do better. I started looking at Unity 3D, and the Cardboard SDK in my spare time, to see how hard it really was to make something, and what was really involved.

I found out I had a lot to learn: I learned about 3D modelling, UV mapping, animation, baked lighting, I found out what ASO means, and the importance of marketing and the role review sites really play. I also found out that while certain aspects of Maths are important, for the most part its not that complicated and I shouldn't have been discouraged. I still consider myself a long way from being a "real" game developer, but at this point I have developed a couple of games and released them to the Google Play store. At the time of writing they have both had around 7000 downloads.

Both games are designed for Google Cardboard headsets, completely free to play, and ad free. VR Puzzle Room is still in active development, and I am currently working on new rooms.

You can find the Google Play links for both below.

VR Puzzle Room

Can you escape in time? Find the secrets, solve the clues and get out while you still can. A mystery escape room experience, translated to VR for Google Cardboard.


Get behind the wheel and race through a Cyberspace obstacle course before the time runs out.