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VR Puzzle Room

About the Game

Detective Malone has disappeared while tracking down a dangerous killer and you have been hired to find him. Your first stop is Clive's office, but something doesn't feel right. Before you have time to act on your instinct it's too late, its a trap!

Put your detective skills to the test, find the clues, solve the puzzles and find the way out, but hurry, the Carnival killer is watching.

VR Puzzle Room, brings the classic escape room to mobile VR so that you can experience anywhere. It uses walk-in-place movement and look controls making it immersive and accessible to a wide audience. It is optimized to provide a high quality experience even on lower end devices, and follows best practices to keep nausea to a minimum.

The best part - its free.

About The Developer

Wayne Bratley originally became a Software Developer because he wanted to write games. He studied Computer Systems Engineering at Brunel University and wrote a network playable version of a board game called "Buccaneer" for his final year project. Despite this, he ended up in other industries, writing data-driven, enterprise applications, and has been ever since. He started out about 10 years ago, writing internal software for a credit card company, before moving to an e-ticketing company. He is now part of a large software company that writes software used by public sector organisations such as local government, education and health care, and has been there for about 5 years.

One day a friend at work brought in a Google Cardboard to show everyone. "I might try making at game for that" he remembers saying at the time. A few months later he decided to actually do it His first VR project was an elevator game called "Elevator Operator" in which you man a lift for people getting in and out. Sadly though, this project was abandoned, and never made it to the Play store. This was shortly followed by a driving obstacle course game called DryVR, which was released to the Play store in August last year.

VR Puzzle Room was his third attempt at a compelling VR experience and he started writing it in his spare time earlier this year, drawing inspiration from other VR puzzle games such as "Lost In the Kismet" and "Gravity Pull". VR Puzzle Room was first released to Google Play in July 2016 and has since seen over 7000 downloads.


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Q: When did you first decide to make VR Puzzle Room

A: Well I had already written a VR game, DryVR. But I wasn't happy with it for a number of reasons. Being a fast paced game, and not being very playable without a controller, it wasn't a very accessible experience. I felt like a few other apps out there had already really nailed "driving in VR" so there wasn't really a lot new I was bringing to the table. I think it was around February this year (2016) I decided I wanted to start working on a new game, it took shape quite quickly after that.

Q: Did it take long to write?

A: It took about 6 months, but I was just devoting a few hours some evenings. If you compressed that down into working days I guess it would probably only equate to a few weeks, but I still feel like its more of a demo than a game at this point and there is a lot more to do.

Q: Did you do everything yourself

A: I did all the development, a fair bit of 3d modelling, and the marketing (if you can really call it that). But I also used a lot of other peoples work, most of which was freely available (very generously in some cases). I'm not a 3d designer so I don't think I could have made this game anywhere near what it is without those other peoples work.

Q: Why did you decide to make the game free, and with no adverts?

A: I used a lot of other peoples work in making the game, it cost me close to nothing except my time and effort. I felt like a lot of people wouldn't see it, let alone try it if they had to pay, and I didn't want to ruin the experience by putting ads everywhere, that was more important to me.

Q: What made you decide to create an escape game like this?

A: I went to an amazing live escape room last year for the work Christmas party. It was so much fun and I really wanted to try and capture that. I also felt like the experience was really well suited for VR, as you have a very limited space to work in and a lot of physical interaction. I saw there were already a lot of shooters, horror games and on rails experiences, but not many puzzle games, so I thought it would bring something different.

Q: Are you planning to release more levels?

A: Absolutely, I am working on new levels right now.