Pet Safe Ornament Hooks / Hangers

Ornament hook: Pet safe, biodegradable. 

Turns soft if chewed or swallowed. Will not harm wildlife or marine life. 

 42 per package. 

Available at Amazon and Etsy

SoftHooks provides die cut paper ornament hooks. 

Paper hooks turn soft if chewed or ingested.

Perfect for the fur parent looking for a safe way to hang ornaments.

Remove some risk and worry from your holiday.

Suitable for medium to large ornament eyes. *The hook is pliable and can be trimmed easily with a pair of nail clippers for ornaments with smaller eyes.  A thinner hook that may not require trimming (for smaller ornament eyes) is being developed.  We welcome feedback from our customers.

       Our paper hooks are


          -Will not harm wildlife or marine life.


          -Made from recycled paper

          -Length is 1 1/2 inch

          -Holds up to 4 ounces

          -Color is Evergreen

          -Made in the USA 

What people are saying  

(reviews from Etsy and Amazon)      

Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2021

Verified Purchase 

10 days ago we had to rush our beloved 2-year-old golden retriever to the emergency vet after he snagged an ornament off the tree, and we couldn’t find the metal hook. The bill was $465, including x-rays, which fortunately didn’t show any evidence that he had swallowed the hook. While waiting for the vet to examine him, and fighting back tears, I went online in search of a safer alternative, and found these. Now I’m throwing out all my metal hooks and using those from now on.

Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2022

Verified Purchase

Didn’t panic when my puppy ate one. A friend just spent over $8000 having a traditional metal ornament hook surgically removed from her puppy’s stomach. My puppy walked around with one of these in her mouth for a half hour and I had no hesitation at all. Safe for pets and I’m so glad for it!

Such a smart idea. So glad I found these before putting up the tree this year. My kitty loves to chew on things, so these are a must buy. 

Super fast shipping. You will need to trim them for small eyed ornaments, but they are perfect for a pet friendly home! 

I bought these because our 1 1/2 year old lab likes to eat things he’s not supposed to and we wanted to put up a tree this year. He did very well the entire season. Today when moving the tree to be put away, there was a SoftHook that fell in the floor and he ate it! I am SO thankful to have found these. I wasn’t happy he ate it but relieved it was something that wasn’t going to hurt him. Very satisfied with this product. 

We purchased this item for our first Christmas tree. We have two curious cats and wanted to make sure they were safe during the holidays. Work great! 

Got these for a new kitty parent. Came across these purely by accident while researching pet safe Christmas decorations. These hooks are such a great idea! 

My 3 YO Ladrador "Sherlock" knocked over the tree and ran away with some ornaments and we had the metal hooks and I was really worried about him.. We re-did the tree and now I feel much safe about him.. One advice Doesn't fit all size of ornaments, you can use a clipper to resize. Overall Great product! Thanks 

Having a curious 2 year old (and next year will also have a nearing 1 year old) I couldn’t help but worry about what would happen if they got one of the hooks. Googled safe ornament hooks and stumbled upon these. I am so glad I did! Thank you 

Absolutely amazing item. I’ve got a feisty new Great Pyrenees puppy and without Softhooks, decorating the tree would have been a no-go this year. Thank you for saving Christmas! 

Softhooks saved my Christmas! I have a new, sweet but curious little puppy who wanted all the balls off the Christmas tree this year! I was so petrified that she was going to eat a metal hook. Bought the Softhooks, they came quickly! I used nail clippers to make them the perfect size, and re-hung the ornaments. Sure enough, she got a ball off the tree and started to eat the hook. It dissolved so quickly and was truly totally safe. I will never have pets/small kids and metal hooks again - only softhooks! You can't beat the price and the peace of mind. 

I bought these for our first Christmas with our kitten. I was worried he would be all over the tree because of his rambunctious nature, and I was right! No matter what we sprayed on the tree or no matter how often we disciplined him, he was chewing, shaking, and playing with the tree. Not a single ornament that used these hooks fell off! These hooks worked great for all my standard ornaments. However, they won't fit in "hallmark" type ornaments that have the smaller loop. I do wish they were a little longer to accommodate bulkier branches on more "expensive" trees. I used these on 2 trees with great success! Extremely fast processing and shipping! They were sent to the post office within a few hours of me ordering! 

Perfect! Blends in perfectly with the tree you don’t even see them! Great quality I will only be purchasing these hooks in the future! 

Love these paper hooks! We have no worries with our kitty (or kids) getting a hold of them and either chewing or swallowing one. They hold all our ornaments up well and instructions were sent on how to size them for the smaller ornament holes. Bonus is they're practically invisible on our tree! 

Very fast shipping and friendly seller! We couldn't find anything else like this product that would be safe for our cats in case they decide to go rogue and take ornaments off the tree. We have shatterproof ornaments but they come with wire or metal hooks, which is clearly dangerous for animals! These soft hooks were a little difficult to cram into some smaller ornaments but the owner provided instructions on how to properly size the paper hooks if needed which worked perfectly. Thanks so much for making these! Peace of mind.