Hi, I'm Sofia!

I am a wildly driven individual with a passion for experiencing all life has to offer. In my time of self-discovery, I have always found myself returning to a love of photography: documenting my life from intimate moments to noisy concert venues.

In the pursuit of this passion, I have developed a reputation working professionally and personally as a photographer in Newark, DE and Philadelphia, PA. I continue to contribute to multiple publications like Ascribe Magazine and Breaking Glass Magazine.

My commission work consists primarily of concert photography where I work with local DIY bands to either capture live sets in action. While I do a lot of concert work, I offer a variety of other services including, but not limited to, promotional photography, event coverage, headshots, senior portraits, and prom photos. All work will be returned to clients edited within a 24 hour turnaround unless another timeline has been explicitly discussed.

If you would be interested in creating together, please contact me and we can discuss scheduling.