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I am building this space to collect all of the work, resources and communication tools that we need to work together this year.


Human Child & Feline Child - 2020

Roman Forum - 2012

Plague Victim Grave - Conwy, Wales - 2009

About Mrs. Ryder

Teaching at Curie Metropolitan High School has been the most rewarding experience in my career. I have been lucky enough to work with students here since 2005. I love teaching Social Studies because all of the courses that I teach revolve around people, the actions that they take or have taken and the reasons why they have behaved in the way that they do. This is DEFINITELY true of Psychology, but it is also true of World History and Civics.

I am a graduate of two CPS schools, Walt Disney Magnet School and Whitney Young High School. So, working at a CPS school is exactly how I want to spend my career!

I am the mother of a CPS student who teaches me something new every day. I am also an animal lover with two cats at home who also intrigue me with their behavior.

I am lucky to be able to travel in the summers and to explore the history of new places and to understand what I have learned of World History from a different perspective. I will tell you over and over again (until you're really annoyed by it!) that you need to travel as much as you can in life. And I will encourage you to do it yourselves, always!!


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