SocialNLP 2022
The 10th International Workshop on
Natural Language Processing for Social Media

In conjunction with TheWebConf 2022 @ April 25, 2022.
In conjunction with
NAACL 2022 @ July 14-15, 2022.


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  • The program schedule of SocialNLP@TheWebConf-2022 is updated. (2022.4.24)

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Workshop Description

With the rapid growth of social networks and Web 2.0 services (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), being able to process data come from such platforms has gained much attention in recent years. SocialNLP is a new inter-disciplinary area of natural language processing (NLP) and social computing. We consider three plausible directions of SocialNLP: (1) addressing issues in social computing using NLP techniques; (2) solving NLP problems using information from social networks or social media; and (3) handling new problems related to both social computing and natural language processing.

Several challenges are foreseeable in SocialNLP. First, the message lengths on social media services are usually short (e.g., 140 characters per tweet in Twitter) and thus it is difficult to apply traditional NLP approaches directly. Second, social media contains heterogeneous social information (e.g., tags, friends, followers, endorsements, profiles, and retweets) that should be considered together with the contents for better quality of analysis. Finally, microblogs and the social media contents always involve the interactions among multiple persons with slangs and jargons, and usually require special techniques to distill reasonable information and discover useful knowledge.

To encourage research in the area of SocialNLP, we have organized a SocialNLP SIG-group in AFNLP since 2012 and made it first a yearly now twice a year based workshop series. Through this workshop, we provide a platform for research outcome presentations and head-to-head discussions in the area of SocialNLP, with the hope to combine the insight and experience of prominent researchers from both NLP and social computing fields to jointly contribute to this area.

Seeing the high impact of COVID-19 Pandemic this year, we are thinking about what we and the NLP techniques can do to help mitigate what it did to us. A serious issue which obviously makes the situation even worse is the fake news of Covid-19. For example, the belief on the fake news about drinking pure alcohol helps prevent the infection causes 30 death in Turkey. Considering our workshop's previous participants have developed technologies and systems related to social media data and emotion analysis, we especially design the CovidFake-EmoReact challenge this year.


Past SocialNLP

If you are considering submitting to the workshop and have questions regarding the workshop scope or need further information, please do not hesitate to send e-mail to lwku [AT], chengte [AT] and f09922081 [AT] Thanks!