The artist behind the screen

Hi :) I'm Harley.
I have no strong feelings towards any kind of pronouns, feel free to refer to me in what ever way strikes your fancy when talking about me.

When addressing me, I prefer my name, but I will also answer to: your highness, your majesty, my liege, soapy bacon, Quinny, HQ...and probably many others. Except ma'am and "lady" or "ladies" (if referring to me and others). There is a line and I draw it there.

I'm neurodivergent, autistic with ADHD.
If you want to know something, asking me directly is always better than hinting at it! No need to worry about pleasantries and small talk.

My typical day consists of mild chaos, mostly due to the fact that I'm currently working towards getting my PhD in Engineering.

I live with my partner, Ron, (he's a scientist) and our two dogs, Mochi (woolly sesame shiba inu) and Mizu (woolly black and tan shiba inu). I will randomly post pictures/videos of them on Instagram & TikTok (they have their own). I spent nearly 12 years of my life with my dapple dachshund, Midori, who crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2022.

I currently reside in Massachusetts, but I grew up in Pennsylvania and spent some time in South Carolina and Maryland.

I drink tea for my caffeine fix, typically green tea (jasmine, mint, matcha) or chai and avoid coffee at all costs.




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