Disclaimer:These resources have not been moderated by NZQA. I have done my best to make them align with the NZ Curriculum and NCEA standards. As new clarifications are published, some resources may be slightly out of date.

Resource websites and workbooks for some NCEA standards.

Always "in progress", more to come.


Chance & Data (1.12) AS91037
Network Methods (2.5) AS91260
Algebraic Methods (2.6) AS91261
Calculus Methods (2.7) AS91262
Inference (2.9) AS91264
Statistical Reports (2.11) AS91266
Probability Methods (2.12) AS91267
Simulation (2.13) AS91268
Systems of Equations (2.14) AS91269
Complex Numbers (3.5) AS91577
Differentiation (3.6) AS91578
Integration (3.7) AS91579
Systems of Equations (3.15) AS91587
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