Snapchat For PC, Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Download For Free

Snapchat For PC:- Social Networking has become a part of life for people over the internet, especially for the youth it is the way of expressing themselves and socializing with people, there are numerous Social media applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and now the app which has become quite humongous among youth is none other than Snapchat, And today we are talking about it, And today we will talk about this app, its features, user info and also how you can download The Snapchat For PC.

About The Snapchat For PC, All that you need to know :-

Snapchat For PC is a free to use Multimedia Platform also known as a messaging multimedia platform where users can share images with each other and also chat at the same time. This app is amazing and it has a vibrant user interface which is quite joyous. Users can now enjoy Snapping each other and make streaks where they have to snap a picture and send it to each other at least once in a day, other than that users can also view the location of their friends with the help of this app and also follow their favorite celebs and also take filter based AI pictures. All of this is just a brief talk of this app.

The Snapchat For PC was basically Designed and developed on Python coding Language and it was launched on 2011, July and that too by Evan Spiegel, The app is available for Both Android as well as iOS and today we will learn more about this application and with the help of an emulator, also get to know how to install it on PC.

Features of the Marvelous Snapchat For PC:-

  • It is Completely Free to use :- The Snapchat For PC is completely Free to use as it is an open source and users can enjoy the app to the fullest and make new friends for Free now.

  • It has Artificial Intelligence based Filters :- There are countless amazing Filters in this app and there are many AI based filters as well, that you can use to take funny small reel videos and snaps, this makes it all a lot more fun and entertaining and users can enjoy quality AI based pictures.

  • View locations of Friends and where they are :- View live locations of all the friends in your snap map that have made their locations public and get to know where they are at what time.

  • Watch friends snap to you and send them snaps back:- This is a never ending fun. As you can send snaps to your friends and they can send them back to you and thus always know what is going on in their lives.

  • Carry on Streaks :- As you and your friend snap each other once a day, you create a streak and it goes on till you guys keep snapping each other at least once a day.

  • Follow your Favorite Celebs :- Follow all your social Celebs like Kylie Jenner and others on The app directly and have an inside look over their lives and lifestyle.

  • Get news updates and social Updates here :- Get constant social updates and news over various things daily.

  • A very ambient user interface :- A very ambient user interface that surely gives the best user experience to the users.

  • Private Chatting system to chat :- An ultimate Private chatting system where you can personally text your friends and choose to save the messages or not and then next time these messages will be deleted, this is very good when you have any privacy breaches on your device.

  • Add anyone with their QR Code or Snap ID :- Easily add people with their QR code or a snap id that they create while signing up for the app.

  • Play mini games with Friends over this app :- Play various 3-D mini games such as tennis and others on the app directly with your friends.

  • Explore what is happening around you:- The Snapchat For PC allows you to explore what is going on around you and you can see public snaps of people that live near you and you can browse them all thru the snap map.

  • Save Photos in your Memories roll :- Now create nostalgic memories and click photos directly from the app with filters and save them to the roll.

  • Create your own 3-D Bitmoji Character :- Create an AI based 3-D character that looks just like you and it is known as Bitmoji.

  • And more :- And other cool features as well.

Steps to Download The Snapchat For PC :-

  1. Firstly open your Web browser, Such as Google Chrome.

  2. Now secondly Go to Noxplayer app's official website and download the emulator on your PC for Free.

  3. After you Download the Noxplayer emulator, make sure you install it and run it on your PC.

  4. Now open the Google Playstore from the Home page of Noxplayer.

  5. Sign-in From your Google Account and then Access the Playstore.

  6. Now Search for Snapchat on the search bar panel.

  7. As you hit enter the top result is the official app of Snapchat

  8. Select and download the official app on your PC.

  9. Let it Download and install it.

  10. Once that is done get ready to enjoy Snapping your friends and enjoy the amazing Multimedia messaging application on your PC for Completely Free.

User and Additional Information on Snapchat for PC :-

User rating of Snapchat for PC

4.3 out of 5 stars

Last date of its update

22 July 2020

Total no. of installs

1 Billion +

Current version of the app

Content rating of the app

Rated for 12 +

Size of the app

61 MB (playstore)

App offered by-

Snap Inc

Editor's View on Snapchat for PC :-

Downloading the Billion times downloaded app, well no doubt that Snapchat is a very vulnerable and amazing application and having this app on PC just doubles the fun as you can carry it on your laptop, view Photos on a bigger screen and enjoy snapping thru your Webcam, an overall good choice to get notifications and also to chat with your friends directly from PC.

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