S.M.J. Stuifbergen

Who is Suus

  • Studying the master Information Sciences (Web & Media) track on the VU Amsterdam.
  • Graduated from the bsc Sociology on the UvA.
  • Loves food, sport, learning new things, travelling, nature and animals.

Born in the Netherlands next to the North-sea, where I learned to surf and now I travel around the world for nice surf spots.

  • a creative worker, who always find a solution.
  • punctual, curious about anything and I like patterns in people's behaviour.

During my studentship I learned different things and developed several skills. In my time as a sociologist I learned a lot about patterns of human behaviour and I developed a new way of thinking in looking to society and towards the humans which are a part of. With following a lot of courses in planology I also learned how humans are reacting with spatial planning. These domains have different and interesting points of view in thinking of Utopia's, human behaviour, social thinking and creating games.

I did a lot of field research and statistics, but also liked the technical side in doing research in human behaviours. I really love the connection between humans and the Web, which is providing information people are facing and needing every day.

In the master Information sciences I learned a lot about what possibilities the Web can give for us, how we can give our contribution to it and how it is still expanding, is giving more possibilities within every day and is making a bridge of communication between the information technologie (Web) and also between the information technologie (ICT) and people.


Languages: Java (starter) / Python (Starter)