Smithys PAT Testing

I have a strong focus on providing a friendly, professional and reliable service to my customers at very competitive prices.

To contact Keith Smith - telephone: 07783942703 / email: / online: complete the Contact details form / find us on Facebook.

Who is Smithys PAT Testing?

Smithys PAT Testing is a new local PAT testing service based in Downderry and covers Southeast Cornwall. I provide PAT testing for businesses, educational institutions, holiday lets, hotels, landlords and many other types of organisations.

I am CPD certified with ROSPA accreditation and have Professional indemnity insurance and Public liability insurance.

What I do?

  1. I carry out a visual inspection of the appliance casing, the cable and inside the plug.

  2. I use a PAT tester to measure the earth continuity, the insulation resistance and verify the appliance operates correctly.

  3. When PAT testing microwave ovens, I also test them for leakage.

  4. I either pass or fail the item.

Most portable appliances pass no problem, but a significant number of portable appliances will have easily remedied faults. A loose terminal screw may cause overheating in the future and tightening the screw is often all that is required (no charge). Occasionally the cord may be ill fitting and is remedied by refitting the plug or replacing with a new plug.

Where appliances fail then further investigation will be required and the item has to be marked failed and will be brought to your attention.

Why choose Smithys PAT Testing Service?

I have started a local business with an interest in defying the idea that PAT testing has to be an expensive process. I want to make sure your appliances are safe for use, and don’t pose a hazard or fire risk to anyone. I aim to make the process of PAT testing as simple as possible for you and your business. I will carry out the work with minimal to no disruption to your working day.

Why is it so important to have your appliances tested?

The Electricity at Work Regulations requires employers to provide safe electrical equipment for their staff and public to use. PAT testing is the most practical method for proving this. Having your appliances routinely tested for electrical safety is the most effective way to identify defects that can come with normal use. Faults in electrical equipment pose a potential hazard, particularly if they are not repaired correctly. Having your appliances tested will provide reassurance in today’s 'where there’s blame, there's a claim' culture. In addition to this, many insurance companies stipulate PAT testing as a condition of their insurance, but they don't always tell you in black and white!

PAT test guide (what you need to test):

The Provision of Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 requires that all Class I and Class II electrical appliances should be tested and inspected for electrical safety. The guide below provides examples of the types of equipment you need to test within your workplace.

(S) Stationary equipment eg fridges/dishwashers etc

(IT) Information technology equipment eg printers, monitors, hard drives etc

(M) Movable equipment eg microwaves, compressors, mobile A/C units etc

(P) Portable equipment eg kettles, fans, lamps, shredders etc

(H) Hand-held equipment eg electric drills, hair dryers, irons.


Simple pricing - I have a simple and competitive pricing plan - £40 minimum charge for up to 20 appliances checked and thereafter £1 per item. If no free car parking available, cost of parking will be added onto the invoice. There are no hidden fees, what you see is what you pay. Contact me for a free, no obligation quote today! Registered charities get a 10% discount.

Detailed reporting - My detailed reporting includes an easy to read itemised inventory of all appliances that are tested with detailed results for each appliance tested, a separate failed items report and clear PASS or FAIL labels attached to your appliances.

Fuse replacement - I offer on-site fuse replacement at a minimal cost, so most failures can be rectified on the spot.

Automatic reminders - I offer an automatic reminder service on an annual basis to book another test, offering a 10% discount price for repeat custom.

Fully mobile - I visit your premises to carry out our testing, ensuring minimal to no disruption to the running of your business.