Oxide Glass Chemistry Group

In our research group we investigate composition-structure-topology-property relationships of oxide materials. These ubiquitous, oxygen-bearing materials constitute everything from glass and granite to ceramics, chalk and rust - indeed they form 99% of the Earth's outer crust. But even the most familiar oxides can exhibit surprising and novel properties, if they are structured properly at the atomic level.

We focus on the science of oxide glass materials. Oxide glasses have found astonishingly widespread use in our lives ranging from window glass, windshields, container glass, and electric bulbs all the way to liquid crystal displays and optical fibers in telecommunication networks. Nonetheless, the science of glass is still in its infancy, with the most basic questions remaining largely unanswered.

Our overall goal is to develop the basic understanding needed for the quantitative design of oxide materials with tailored, superior properties for applications related to energy, environment, advanced communications systems etc.

Group leader

Morten M. Smedskjaer

Professor MSO, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry and Bioscience

Aalborg University

Fredrik Bajers Vej 7H

9220 Aalborg, Denmark

Tel: +45 5142 7672

E-mail: mos@bio.aau.dk