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SmartChoice Personal Crowdfunding

SmartChoice Personal Crowdfunding: ( click on blue text links for action )

Step.1: Download & Install desktop and mobile app click >>

1a. TronLink (my recommendation) wallet (watch install video for Android, IOS, Chrome/Firefox) or

1b. Klever wallet (klever download setup videos [iOS, Android])

Step.2: Fund your TronLink wallet with at least 280 Tron? (TRX)

using binance or poloniex or kraken exchange (watch intro video)

(I will donate to the wallet for worthy cause. So once one joins(donates) you'll get the 200 tron and you'll want to pay it forward and give 280 tron to somebody else who joins next. That's your seed: help one to join and help one with initial tron. That's how to share and duplicate. Freely received and freely give. Donate once, receive many times over.)

Step.3: Join Now(Donate) (FAQ on site) (watch video1)

* [ on smartphone <- don't click; copy and paste link into wallet's built-in dapp browser (to copy & paste on mobile; long click on Join, select copy URL, long hold, select paste inside the built-in wallet browser URL box - SmartChoice smart-contract & sync with TronLink wallet account ] *

Make sure the ID shown in the box under Donate button is the correct one to support who invited you - contact who invited you and make sure you use their ID. *This is very important. If donated to the wrong ID the action is irreversible!*

Login to wallet, Click Donate, enter your wallet password and then click Confirm. Wait for the process to finish.

Step.4: Upgrade - setup your funding campaign (watch video2) - upgrade once | receive many times

Step.5: Share, invite, duplicate. Raise Funds! One signup gets you even, two gets you next level, three doubles your investment -:) (watch bonus video)

If you have any questions email me by replying or text me 613-703-0139 or message me on FB messenger

Connect with me on telegram, and/or on signal.

Join SmartChoiceOfficial, and SmartChoiceAnnouncements.

Smart Choice International Video Presentations goto:

Congratulations on this amazing journey to funding all your needs in 2021 and beyond!

Disclosure: The fundraising success is not guaranteed! You have to join (donate) with 200 Tron TRX, which is not refundable. By using any affiliate links, others may benefit. is committed to rigorous standards. We may receive compensation when you click on links. Please view our affiliate disclosure. Donating involves risk, if no one donates to your campaign may result in the loss of your donation. To ensure success, share this with as many as possible.

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