Smart IDC Lab

Industrialized Design & Construction

Research Statement

The main research interests of this lab lie in the Digitization of the Multidisciplinary Design & Construction Processes of Industrialized Projects (Modular & Panelized Construction) in order to develop and assess sustainable practices in the construction industry that dynamically and interactively improve the performance metrics of buildings while seeking to reduce the overall lifecycle cost.

To achieve a true shift towards the industrialization of construction projects, we plan to develop innovative frameworks and paradigms that bridge the gap between the state-of-art and state-of-practice with regard to leading construction management techniques, specifically Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 technologies. As such, the pursuit of the digitization of the design & construction  processes is expected to continually promote the adaptation of new concepts by introducing automated and semi-automated tools that simplify the implementation process for construction practitioners. 

Modular Construction

Panelized Construction

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