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Hi All! I'm Cameron Boozarjomehri, the Creator, Editor, Host, and Personal Brain Trainer for "Sweating The Small Stuff". I started this show because I never really liked the phrase "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff". I mean think about it, your favorite things all happened because someone somewhere was "Sweating The Small Stuff"! You think Spaceships and Smart Phones just happen? And it turned out, I wasn't the only one thinking that! So I grabbed my mics, found some experts, and started exploring how the things that matter most to us in Science, Cinema, and Pop Culture all start in the details.

So if you think you could use a break from the big picture to enjoy a breakdown of your favorite shows and topics, then I hope you'll give us a listen and share our show with friends! Maybe even go the extra mile and donate here or on our patreon!

After all it's details like these, and Patrons like you that make it worth Sweating The Small Stuff!

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"I laughed for a full minute and the episode had barely started!" -Cameron B

"I think this shows got a lot of potential" -Sam S

"Now this is a Podcast I wouldn't mind binging!" - Keon B


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