Cameron Boozarjomehri

This is your creator, editor, Personal Brain Trainer, and like a million other things. Cameron's done everything from engineering to public speaking, so in a way we were headed to this no matter what. What's crazy is his commitment to finding those most overlooked of details while somehow maintaining interpersonal connections (whatever those are...).

Other Positions Include:

  • Amateur Politician
  • Emerging Technologies Researcher
  • Privacy Engineer
  • Podcaster & Voice Over Actor
  • Rookie Persian Translator/Expert Persian Person

...Also, in case you're concerned, the lamb is fine, just sleepy

Sam Spiers

She's your Neural Nutritionist, brand manager, public health expert, and the guiding light in the dark. Samantha has done more than her fair share of public speaking, seminars, mentoring and out reach! When she's not giving it her all for Sweating The Small Stuff she's over on her own blog (The SAMpler) bringing healthy, easy, delicious recipes to the masses. We strongly recommend you check it out!

Other Positions Include:

  • Food Blogger
  • Podcast Host
  • Professional Cat Photographer
  • Public Health Specialist
  • Volunteer (Math Tutor/Meals On Wheels)

Keon Boozarjomehri

Frequent guest star and your Personal Mind Fiend. Keon has a surprisingly varied carrier spanning Photography, Videography, Acting, Directing, and most recently Podcasting! He's also a professional drone pilot! Unfortunately he doesn't seem to understand when I explain that listeners can't see the drone shots but that hasn't stopped him yet!

Other Positions Include:

  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Co-Founder of Frame Forge
  • Film Director
  • Founder of Print3D
  • Professional Photographer/Videographer/Podcaster