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Modulating the zeta potential of cellulose nanocrystals using salts and surfactants.

Prathapan, R., Thapa, R., Garnier, G., Tabor, R. F.

Colloids and Surfaces A 2016 509, 11–18


Smooth deuterated cellulose films for the visualisation of adsorbed bio-macromolecules.

Su, J., Raghuwanshi, V. S., Raverty, W., Garvey, C. J., Holden, P. J., Gillon, M., Holt, S. A., Tabor, R., Batchelor, W., Garnier, G.

Scientific Reports 2016 6, 36119


Structural Evolution of Wormlike Micellar Fluids Formed by Erucyl Amidopropyl Betaine with Oil, Salts, and Surfactants.

McCoy, T. M., Valiakhmetova, A., Pottage, M. J., Garvey, C. J., de Campo, L., Rehm, C., Kuryashov, D. A., Tabor, R. F.

Langmuir 2016 32, 12423–12433


Attachment of Salmonella strains to a plant cell wall model is modulated by surface characteristics and not by specific carbohydrate interactions.

Tan, M. S.-F., Moore, S. C., Tabor, R. F., Fegan, N., Rahman, S., Dykes, G. A.

BMC Microbiology 2016 , 212


Photomodulation of bacterial growth and biofilm formation using carbohydrate-based surfactants.

Hu, Y., Zou, W., Julita, V., Ramanathan, R., Tabor, R. F., Nixon-Luke, R., Bryant, G., Bansal, V., Wilkinson, B. L.

Chemical Science 2016 7, 6628–6634


Modeling two-rate adsorption kinetics: Two-site, two-species, bilayer and rearrangement adsorption processes.

Tripathi, S., Tabor, R. F.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2016 476, 119–131


The effects of alkylammonium counterions on the aggregation of fluorinated surfactants and surfactant ionic liquids.

Pottage, M. J., Greaves, T. L., Garvey, C. J., Tabor, R. F.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2016 475, 72–81


Calculation of Projected Bond-Orientational Order Parameters to Quantify Local Symmetries from Transmission Diffraction Data.

Liu, A., Tabor, R., Bourgeois, L., de Jonge, M., Mudie, S., Petersen, T.

Physical Review Letters 2016 116, 205501


Cyclic RGDfK peptide functionalized polymeric nanocarriers for targeting gemcitabine to ovarian cancer cells.

Kulhari, H., Pooja, D., Kota, R., Reddy, T. S., Tabor, R. F., Shukla, R., Adams, D. J., Sistla, R., Bansal, V.

Molecular Pharmaceutics 2016 13, 1491–1500


Shear assisted electrochemical exfoliation of graphite to graphene.

Shinde, D. B., Brenker, J., Easton, C. D., Tabor, R. F., Neild, A., Majumder, M.

Langmuir 2016 32, 3552–3559


Light-controllable dispersion and recovery of graphenes and carbon nanotubes using a photo-switchable surfactant.

McCoy, T. M., Liu, A. C., Tabor, R. F.

Nanoscale 2016 8, 6969–6974


The Amyloid Fibril- Forming Properties of the Amphibian Antimicrobial Peptide Uperin 3.5.

Calabrese, A. N., Liu, Y., Wang, T., Musgrave, I. F., Pukala, T. L., Tabor, R. F., Martin, L. L., Carver, J. A., Bowie, J. H.

ChemBioChem 2016 17, 239–246


Synthesis and properties of photoswitchable carbohydrate fluorosurfactants.

Hu, Y., Marlow, J. B., Ramanathan, R., Zou, W., Tiew, H. G., Pottage, M. J., Bansal, V., Tabor, R. F., Wilkinson, B. L.

Australian Journal of Chemistry 2016 68, 1880–1884


Local determination of thin liquid film profiles using colour interferometry.

Butler, C. S., Seeger, Z. L., Bell, T. D., Bishop, A. I., Tabor, R. F.

European Physical Journal E 2016 39, 14


Responsive materials based on magnetic polyelectrolytes and graphene oxide for water clean-up.

Hazell, G., Hinojosa-Navarro, M., McCoy, T. M., Tabor, R. F., Eastoe, J.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2016 464, 285–290



Analysis of Perforin Assembly by Quartz Crystal Microbalance Reveals a Role for Cholesterol and Calcium-independent Membrane Binding.

Stewart, S. E., Bird, C. H., Tabor, R. F., D’Angelo, M. E., Piantavigna, S., Whisstock, J. C., Trapani, J. A., Martin, L. L., Bird, P. I.

Journal of Biological Chemistry 2015 290, 31101–31112


Synthesis and structural characterisation of bismuth (III) hydroxamates and their activity against Helicobacter pylori.

Pathak, A., Blair, V. L., Ferrero, R. L., Junk, P. C., Tabor, R. F., Andrews, P. C.

Dalton Transactions 2015 44, 16903–16913


Measurement of surface and interfacial tension using pendant drop tensiometry.

Berry, J. D., Neeson, M. J., Dagastine, R. R., Chan, D. Y., Tabor, R. F.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2015 454, 226–237


Direct AFM force measurements between air bubbles in aqueous monodisperse sodium poly(styrene sulfonate) solutions.

Browne, C., Tabor, R. F., Grieser, F., Dagastine, R. R.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2015 451, 69–77


Lubricin: A versatile, biological anti-adhesive with properties comparable to polyethylene glycol.

Greene, G. W., Martin, L. L., Tabor, R. F., Michalczyk, A., Ackland, L. M., Horn, R.

Biomaterials 2015 53, 127–136


Adsorption of cationic polyacrylamide at the cellulose–liquid interface: A neutron reflectometry study.

Su, J., Garvey, C. J., Holt, S., Tabor, R. F., Winther-Jensen, B., Batchelor, W., Garnier, G.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2015 448, 88–99


Noncovalent magnetic control and reversible recovery of graphene oxide using iron oxide and magnetic surfactants.

McCoy, T. M., Brown, P., Eastoe, J., Tabor, R. F.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015 7, 2124–2133


Sweetness and light: design and applications of photo-responsive glycoconjugates.

Hu, Y., Tabor, R. F., Wilkinson, B. L.

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2015 13, 2216–2225


Sphere to rod transitions in self assembled systems probed using direct force measurement.

Fewkes, C. J., Tabor, R. F., Dagastine, R. R.

Soft Matter 2015 11, 1303–1314


Cellulose nanofibre textured SERS substrate.

Zhang, L., Li, X., Ong, L., Tabor, R. F., Bowen, B. A., Fernando, A. I., Nilghaz, A., Garnier, G., Gras, S. L., Wang, X., Shen, W.

Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2015 468, 309–314


Direct AFM force measurements between air bubbles in aqueous polydisperse sodium poly (styrene sulfonate) solutions: Effect of collision speed, polyelectrolyte concentration and molar mass.

Browne, C., Tabor, R. F., Grieser, F., Dagastine, R. R.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2015 449, 236–245


Light-induced structural evolution of photoswitchable carbohydrate-based surfactant micelles.

Tabor, R. F., Pottage, M. J., Garvey, C. J., Wilkinson, B. L.

Chemical Communications 2015 51, 5509–5512


Controlling the characteristics of lamellar liquid crystals using counterion choice, fluorination and temperature.

Pottage, M. J., Greaves, T. L., Garvey, C. J., Mudie, S. T., Tabor, R. F.

Soft Matter 2015 11, 261–268


Surface, aggregation properties and antimicrobial activity of four novel thiourea-based non-ionic surfactants.

Ullah, I., Shah, A., Badshah, A., Shah, N. A., Tabor, R.

Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2015 464, 104–109


Assembly of streptolysin O pores assessed by quartz crystal microbalance and atomic force microscopy provides evidence for the formation of anchored but incomplete oligomers.

Stewart, S. E., D’Angelo, M. E., Piantavigna, S., Tabor, R. F., Martin, L. L., Bird, P. I.

Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 2015 1848, 115–126


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