Linear Algebra

Office Hours

2-3pm on Mondays, location is lounge of 10th floor of HU

Before Test 2 (11/07): 1-3pm on Friday 11/03 and Monday 11/06

Before the Final Exam (12/08):

2-3pm on Monday, 11/27, 1-3pm on Tuesday, 11/28, 1-2pm on Monday, 12/04

1-3pm on Tuesday, 12/05, 1-3pm on Friday, 12/08

Course Materials

Syllabus (subject to updates, so read it "periodically", especially before midterms and the final)

BlackBoard (Portal) (Slides for lectures will also be posted there)

Bank 1 of Old Exams (source: Engineering & Computer Science Library)

Bank 2 of Old Exams (source: Dr. Burbulla the coordinator) Quizzes, Tests, Exams


Please use the old test materials wisely, or they could hurt you in various ways!

Slides for Lectures

These documents are ONLY outlines for the lectures. Details (e.g. computation of examples) are usually omitted (Note-taking is YOUR responsibility, and GREAT practice)

Important Dates

(Check THIS for a complete list)

09/07 First day of class

09/20 Last day to add a course

09/26 Test 1

11/06 Last day to drop course

11/07 Test 2

12/06 Last day of lecturers

12/07 Exam Jam

12/08-12/20 Exam period (Saturdays

and evenings included)