Mission Statement

SleepingSoul is a Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guild on Global - Eternal Love

Our core leadership is comprised of friends who have been gaming together for over 10 years. We are focused on completing PVE content fast, efficiently, and having fun along the way! We want to stand at the top without pushing others down to achieve our goals.

Our guild is meant to be a community. We are always looking for players players that are ambitious in completing end-game content, snapping the best loots, and enjoying the best memes the internet has to offer. Together!

Who We Are

Primarily known as a Hard mode Raiding guild in World of Warcraft, we were also established in other games such as RF Online, Monster&Me, and Tera Online. We've also been Clan communities in original WC3-DOTA, League of Legends, and Heroes of Newerth.

With guild managing and leading experience of well over 12 years, Sleeping Soul has been a friendly & competitive guild no matter which game we choose to conquer.