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In Today's Marketing Landscape, Content and Usability Wins, Period.

Use a Custom Publishing and Media Network, Combined with the Right Technology

Integrated Social Media WiFi Ad Network

Integrated Loyalty Program System

Engage with Customers in Powerful New Ways

SOUTHERN MINNESOTA/MANKATO/TWIN CITIES/ROCHESTER — These are the communities LMP primarily serves in the state of MN. LMP uses custom publishing techniques to find audiences for your product or service. This is called content marketing and it is an important element in digital marketing.

Storytelling and Data Presentation: The New Way to Advertise

Content marketing is all about trends, timing, usability and a great story. From the simple and liberating tale of Apple to the reliability and dedication of UPS, these textbook example brands tell stories that represent who their businesses are. Let LMP tell the stories and present the information that makes your brand not only appear above the noise, but present your story through creativity, analysis and illustration. We combine great service journalism with superior design expertise to deliver the best possible results using our publishing tools, outlets, network and resources.

Website Content and SEO

The LMP Network includes its own publishing properties in addition to third party sites, publishing platforms/applications, social media pages, directories, maps and much more. Your content will target local customers in your region looking for your products/services.

Social Media

Social media is a core element to building a brand that stays relevant in the modern age, but a tool is only as good as it is used. Every type of business, from the used car dealership to the restaurant downtown, has (or should have) a different formula for success using different methods. LMP is an expert at implementing the proper configuration for specific industry, customer type, etc.

Print Media

We don't just print an ad and hope for the best. We are one of a few companies in the publishing/media/technology industries working on a full service solution to media and publishing using content marketing and technological processes. Our print media is an extension of the digital media and is interactive with it. This strategy ensures a consistent user experience from beginning to end, with your marketing content carefully and creatively weaved within the structure of the system. The LMP Southern Minnesota Ad Network Solution will create a sustainable and profitable direct-to-consumer advertising service for your business.

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Technology and Metrics

We use tools and techniques to help grow your business, tell your story and align you with strong advocates and supporters of your products, services, organization, etc. From a smorgasbord of proprietary and third party applications, software and processes, including both open and closed source code, we are able to leverage the best possible methods bundled into a simple to understand package with reports on user behavior and other statistics. This includes ecommerce, social media, online shopping, digital loyalty cards, QR codes/barcodes, eBooks, lead generation, interactive content, WiFi solutions, audio/video/multimedia, content platforms and much more, all wrapped up in a cohesive package to move your business forward.