Sébastien Laffitte

PhD Candidate, ENS Paris-Saclay

I am currently a PhD candidate at the ENS Paris-Saclay (Université Paris-Saclay). For the year 2021-2022 I am visiting UC Berkeley thanks to a Fulbright grant.

My research is mainly focused on international taxation issues and is between different fields: international trade, public economics, public finance and economic history. More precisely, I study firm's tax avoidance and tax havens. My main questions of interest are: how does the existence of tax havens impact multinational firms' behavior? Is the current international taxation system efficient? How should it be reformed to maximize tax revenues or minimize aggressive tax planning? What are the historical origins of tax havens?

I am also interested in labor markets issues, especially how they are impacted by technological change.

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Contact Informations

Adress: ENS Paris-Saclay

4 Avenue des Sciences, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Email: slaffitte(at)gmail.com ; sebastien.laffitte(at)ens-cachan.fr