S. Krishna Kumar

Post-Doctoral Researcher, IISc Bangalore & a Ph.D. from IIT Madras, Chennai, India.

Research Interests

Currently, I work on  nonlinear dynamical analysis of climate models, with an eye on bifurcations involved in climate phenomena. 

In my Ph.D., I have worked on Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamics and its applications to Fluid-elastic systems. My work draws insights and tools from physics, involves computational and experimental study of aero-elastic systems and applies these ideas to promising applications like energy harvesting

I have worked on Structural Health Monitoring in the past, where evolutionary optimization techniques were used to develop fast sensor fault detection and optimal sensor placement  techniques. I have also worked a bit on Meshfree methods and its application to modelling composite plates.

Short summaries of my research projects can be seen here

Academic Background

I hold degrees in Bachelor in Engineering (Civil) and Master in Technology (Structural Engineering) and a  Ph.D. (Applied Mechanics).

My research repertoire cuts across parts of Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, and Physics.

Find my curriculum vitae here.

Contact Details:

e-mail: mailbox (.) skk (@) gmail (.)com

Some of my writings on research in general can be found here- Vijnattru