Pesticide Residue Test

What is RBPR?

RBPR (Rapid Bioassay of Pesticide Residues) is a unique technique that was developed by the Taiwan Agriculture Research Institute. RBPR is a fast and safe technique that is used to quickly determine if crops are free from pesticides residues and hence safe for consumption. RBPR is a more convenient method of testing than the traditional method as the traditional method of testing takes days and this can be problematic especially with crops. However, results can be obtained in a matter of hours with the RBPR method.

What is Vegetable and fruit safety mark?

The Vegetable and fruit safety mark is a mark that is used to identify/symbolize farmers (and their crops) who are a part of the project. The mark serves to symbolize that the farmer has followed safe pesticide management practices and the crops from these farmers have been tested by the RBPR system and are safe for consumption.

Annual Result of Pesticide Residue Test

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