Reliable Skip Hire Company

Clearing waste and rubbish from a property can be very challenging, especially if the endeavour involves multiple trips to a dump or scrap yard to get rid of everything. One of the ways to avoid the effort is by having access to a dedicated bin or skip – and as they come in all shapes and sizes, it can be possible to get rid of waste throughout the entirety of a renovation, or clear a home all at once.

Hiring a skip bin company to provide the type of bin needed can be a great way to go; but what type of service should you look for? Aren’t they all just the same?

This might come as a surprise, but the prices between two companies can actually vary quite substantially – not to mention the fact that certain lending policies will come with different terms and conditions that might need to be carefully considered.

Here’s a closer look at a few helpful tips to ensure that you choose the right skip hire service to suit your needs (and budget):


A good bin hiring agency should possess one thing above all else and that’s flexibility. They should be negotiable as far as their costs are concerned, but even if they have a set fee – you might want to choose one that boasts low prices from the offset (that don’t increase over time). If you’re planning on hiring your skip for more than a couple of days, flexibility on price is key.


On the subject of cost, most skip lending services will charge by the day. This is fairly standard within the industry and it allows you, as the borrower, to enjoy access to your bin for as small an amount of time as needed (or as long as you may require). For longer durations, there might be an extra cost when the bin gets full and needs removal/ replacing. Always ask about the fees up front to avoid extra charges.


If you’re in Melbourne then it won’t make much sense to hire a skip from Sydney, even if the agency do offer lower rates. The reality is that there might be additional charges for transporting the bin to and from your property – and even if there aren’t, there could be days (if not weeks) of unnecessary waiting time. Try to keep your search local, as this will allow you to avoid extra costs and minimise delays.

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