Skinner North

Andres Rojas

Site Coordinator


Andres Rojas earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania and his Master’s in Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is certified to teach Bilingual Education Spanish, Elementary Education, and Middle School Social Studies. Andres feels passionate that a child’s education does not end at the sound of the bell at the end of the school day. He feels that well structured enrichment opportunities and after school programming help children become positive change agents in their schools and in their future lives. Andres has a cat whom he loves very much and enjoys going to the Music Box to watch films.

Erricka Scott

Site Coordinator


I am a recent graduate from UIC. I love listening to very loud music and reading books. I am most excited about meeting the kids and learning new games

Yissel Hernandez

Assistant Site Lead

Before and Recess

Hello, my name is Yissel Hernandez. I am a college graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign earning my degree in Psychology. I enjoy listening to all sorts of music with the hope of one day getting the chance to learn to play piano. This upcoming school year will be my fourth year working with J at School. Every child who I have been given the opportunity to meet and work with knows how much I enjoy my job. What makes it really enjoyable is how carefree, silly, caring, sweet, curious, and innocent they are. Not only are their characteristics awesome but when kids start seeing you as a friend is truly an amazing feeling. Knowing you have gained their trust and they can rely on you with anything is honestly the best feeling with working with children.

Shantel Tate

Before School

Hello, I'm Shantel Tate. I love working with kids. I'm going to school to become an automotive manager. I like working with kids because they are amazing and they all have different views. For a hobby I play guitar and also help teach people how to play guitar.

Noah Fedderson

Before School

Hi, my name is Noah. I went to Beloit College, and while I am out of school at the moment I plan to return for a degree in psychology. I love working with kids because they are honest and fun. It's incredibly rewarding to be a good leader and supporter for the next generation.

Kelley Grenn


My name is Kelley Grenn. I graduated from James Madison University in Virginia and studied Anthropology. Youth give me hope for the future and I love being a part of their lives. Outside of work, I am involved in organizing around prison abolition and in transformative justice work the arts/music community.

Elaina Castro

Recess and Afterschool

This is my first year with Jcc. I'm a single mom. I have been around children all my life and helping with activities. My mother was a preschool teacher; I learned how to interact and get to know many wonderful students and parents.

Lashana Smith


I enjoy working with children because I get to see how some of the students are progressing as far as their school work in any subject, also get to see how they are progressing in sports when they go outside for recess/gym. I really enjoy working with children.

Jasmine Sherden

Recess and Afterschool

My name is Jasmine Sherden. I am majoring in Early Childhood development. I attended NIU, and I will remain at Richard. J. Daley for my associates in the fall. I started babysitting at 14. I really enjoy working and watching kids ever since. I am even hoping to own my very own daycare when I get older.

Kiya Gray

Recess and Afterschool

Hi I'm Kiya Gray, and I'm a junior in College. I am studying Chemistry and Math with a minor in Spanish. I enjoy working with children so much that I want to become a pediatrician. They bring me joy. Fun fact, I jumped off a build at 12.

Charleena Smith

Recess and Afterschool Front Desk

Hello my name is Charleena, I like to be called Ms. Chay I am 26 years of age.; I have 3 amazing children of my own. I attend Medical school but later wanted to further my education in childhood development. I have been working with children since my last year in high school of 2009. I enjoy working with children; they are adventurous, curious, and outstanding. I believe children are our future and they deserve the best in life. Most children don't get a fair chance because they don't have guidance. I love my job because I get a chance to give a child that in need of attention the most. Also children need a safe place where they can enjoy their selves after school.

Andrea Goldstein

Regional Program Director

Andrea brings more than two decades of experienced leadership to J at School. Andrea is most recognized as the founding director of Apachi Chicago J Camp, responsible for the creation and expansion of our day camps throughout the city of Chicago. Her management skills, child development knowledge and commitment to excellence are second to none. As a parent of fourth grade twin boys, she understands the importance of after-school programming that exceeds the expectations of parents and children.