What Is Sketch Pad ?

Some people have their complete day running on a laptop or a PC, which implies that they are entirely invested in their work. Therefore, get a few moments to yourself by using a tech-friendly extension called Sketchpad.

With Sketchpad Extension, give your creativity a fluid form by drawing and painting your idea of art. It's a simple platform, a web addon to express your thoughts the way you like them. Additionally, this multifunctional extension can serve as both your personal favorite activity and your professional assistance at work. Sketchpad is a free sketching program that is straightforward to use and has a lot of customization options. This web-friendly tool also has many enhancing capabilities that make it useful for more than just making online doodles.

How to install and use the Sketchpad Extension?

For those who like to paint and draw in general and see art in everything, this web addon will assist you in making colorful sketches quickly. Utilizing this extension is extremely accessible and has a slew of enhancing features for users to doodle and show off their creativity. Additionally, you may use different color pens and sizes to sketch the canvas and save your work in PNG format.

Now to learn how to utilize the extension, follow the below directions as prompted:

  • Install the Extension

You can click here to download the extension. Alternatively, you can install the extension using the most recent versions of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Additionally, go to the Chrome Web Store and look for the extension. On that, click the blue "ADD TO CHROME" button when you've located it. A pop-up will then ask you to select "ADD EXTENSION" after that.

  • Pin it

The following step is to pin the extension into the browser's toolbar. For that, tap the "pin" icon to affix it to the top right corner of the screen. However, if you cannot find it, tap on the puzzle icon, and you'll get the extension from there.

  • Launch the Sketch Pad

Now, the Sketchpad Extension has been successfully configured with your browser. As a result, you may start using it right away and keep working with confidence. Therefore, launch it from the web browser and get a clean canvas whenever you feel like your artsy self.

Innovative Attributes of Sketchpad Extension?

You can experiment and make any drawing you choose using the no-cost and easy-to-use Sketch Pad Extension. Additionally, this add on has a wide range of features, so you can do much more than draw. Therefore, if you have a flair for sketching, you must install the extension.

  • A Larger Canvas

Whenever you launch a browser, a clean canvas will appear on the screen for you to start drawing. You can then resize the canvas while using it, having enough space to draw and create all that you like.

  • Custom Pen Size

After choosing the "DRAW" option, which enables you to use the paintbrush to draw anything, you can set the range of the pen size. Select the pen size best suits your needs, then begin sketching.

  • Various Color Palettes

The canvas has a bar in full color at the bottom. Any color may be used to create a sketch at your discretion. Additionally, you can combine two or more colors to create new hues.

  • A Colorful Backdrop

One of the best features of the extension is that there is a "BUCKET" option, which will paint the entire backdrop with the color of your choice. Thus, to paint the background, pick any color, choose "BUCKET," and click on the canvas.

  • Erase

There is an eraser tool for users to make any changes to their sketches. Additionally, you may erase using a customized eraser size. Furthermore, by choosing the "CLEAR" option, you can remove or erase the canvas. You can also click to delete the whole canvas at once.

  • Save In PNG

You can easily save what you've drawn in a PNG format. After that, it will be stored in your system, and you'll be able to show anyone the masterpiece you created.

  • Compatibility

The Sketchpad Extension is compatible with different platforms and devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebooks, laptops, and desktop computers.

  • Cost-Effective

Installing and using Sketchpad is entirely free. Furthermore, using it is pretty simple, and it doesn't require any sign-up from users as well.