On Sunday, April 2 we will have a live Google Hangout on Air to reflect on the experiment that was #doodleaday in March. Be a "panelist" here or just sit back and view the video to the left or here.

Why should I take part? To have some fun in a dark world. And to practice and share doodling as a community.

When will it happen? Our first #doodleaday event will happen for the entire month of March 2017. All day, erryday.

Who can take part? All human beings. Some domestic cats and dogs allowed. Maybe a robot or two.

What should I doodle? @royanlee will be posting a doodle prompt per day. If you don't like the prompt, just doodle something else. If you have a suggestion for a prompt, just post it to the hashtag!

Um, I'm busy. How much of my day should this take up?!? 5 minutes of your day. That's it. It's a doodle, not the Sistine Chapel. Doodle something on the size of a sticky note.

What are some of the rules of #doodleaday club? The first rule of #doodleaday club is you can (and should) talk about #doodleaday club;) The second rule is to create at least one small #doodleaday and post it to Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag.

Should I use paper or digital to doodle? Doesn't matter. Use a napkin, sidewalk chalk, blackboard, whatever.

Any tips for taking photos of paper doodles? Find good lighting, find good lighting, find good lighting.

What process is this based on? We will be borrowing heavily from Sunni Brown's amazing book The Doodle Revolution. The first few days of "beginner doodling" especially.