As communicated earlier the GNFSA is involved in a drive to provide training programs to improve skating skills in lieu of improved singles skating as well as the new Solo Dance section to be implemented by the SAFSA in the near future.

Following the first training course with Konrad & Yolande, Gauteng North is very excited to announce that an ISU International Coach, Michael Webster (CV to be found on the FACILITATOR PAGE) will be hosting a training camp at The Grove & Northgate ice rinks from the 21st to the 23rd of January. He has a wealth of experience and truk loads of information he wishes to share with anyone interested to take part in the camp.

He will be working extensively on footwork and skating skills that would benefit dance, singles and syncro skaters immensely. He will train all our coaches as to impart knowledge that could be carried forward in all training programs going forward, we thus require that all our coaches and teaching assistants be present for all the sessions, including the off ice theory on the 23rd of January.

The next planned international coach is planned for the end of April, which promises to be a very in depth training camp. The GAUTEC is organising it and we shall keep you updated on the progress and details as it becomes available, so start saving…


The details of the program can be found on the PROGRAM PAGE


Skaters of ALL ages and levels as the course is to teach skating skills to all levels.

All Coaches and Teaching Assistants

Please REGISTER before the 20th of January for administrative purposes.


FREE! Yes, absolutely FREE. An offer never to be repeated again.

As he will only be availabel for 3 days, any skater in South Africa is welcome to join!


We would like to thank the SAFSA and the ISU for their contribution and effort to bring the coach to RSA and Gauteng North in order to provide this opportunity at no cost to our members.