Skate the Lake

Rock the Lake

February 17 + 18, 2024
on Minnedosa Lake

2023 Event Results

February 18 + 19, 2023

Rock the Lake:

1st: Ice Edge
2nd: What the Hack?!
3rd: Freezing our Rocks Off

Skate the Lake Youth Divisions:

U9 Champs: White Storm
U11 Champs: Blue Lightning
U13 Champs: Blades of Glory
U15 Champs: Baron's Barbarians

Skate the Lake Ladies Division:

A-Side Champs: Circling the Drain
A-Side 2nd place: Work in Progress
B-Side Winners: the Old Crows
B-side 2nd place: Burgess Electric Ladies

Skate the Lake Mens Division:

A-Side Champs: Burgess Quality Dudes
A-Side 2nd place: Dirty Mike and The Boys
A-Side Consolation winners: the Kickers
B-Side Winners: Heritage Co-Op
B-Side 2nd Place: WWHL No-Stars
C-Side Consolation winners: Ponderosa
C-Side Winners: the Ice Creamers
C-Side Consolation Winners: Minnedosa Insurance

What is Skate the Lake?

Skate the Lake is a volunteer run, non-profit pond hockey tournament. The tournament takes place on Lake Minnedosa which the Town of Minnedosa prepares with several rinks to allow for multiple games to be played at once. The non-contact, 4-on-4 format features customized nets instead of goalies and special rules to ensure safety and fair play. There is no question that our Lake exceeds any other venue out there for an event of this nature.

What is Rock the Lake?

Rock the Lake is curling on Minnedosa Lake - with a couple of modifications: 2 person teams, stick curling, no sweeping, 8 ends of play. Rock the Lake was added to Skate the Lake in 2018 and was an immediate hit with participants and spectators.

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