Saint John Fraser

Pipe Organ Rebuild Project

The Steiner-Reck Organ of Saint John Lutheran Church in Fraser, Michigan was dedicated in June of 1987, the year after the new church was completed. It has served and inspired the congregation for over 30 years, but has displayed an increasing number of mechanical and electrical issues leading to the major rebuild project that is now underway as part of Saint John's Branching Out building and remodeling program. Roch Morin of J. A. Hebert and Son Associates of Troy, Michigan has been contracted to lead this project. He has tuned and maintained the instrument for 25 years.

Work began on the organ the Monday after Easter (April 2, 2018), with the removal of pipes, the mechanical action system, the pipe chests, and the organ console. The pipes and wind chests will all be shipped to Organ Supply Industries in Erie, Pennsylvania where pipes will be repaired or replaced, revoiced and regulated. In addition, new pipe chests and a new organ console will be built. The resulting organ will operate using an electric action system rather than mechanical action.

The removal of the organ components took just over 2 weeks. Repaired and replaced pipework, chests, and organ console should arrive back at the church in mid-August. Installation and voicing should be completed by early October.

On the pages that follow you can see photos documenting the progress of this substantial project, obtain more details about the project, and see specific information on the organ as originally installed along with the updated specifications following the rebuild. Check back every so often to see new updates.