Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Application

The two documents below are the Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Application (SRSA) and the Scholarship Checklist that needs to accompany your application. This application is due on March 5, 2021, and will be used by more than 40 local organizations that award scholarships to Siuslaw and Mapleton High School seniors.

Your application must include the following:

  • Application form (see below)

  • 4 essays as described on application form

  • Scholarship Checklist (see below)

  • 2 letters of reference

  • Resume

  • Activity chart

  • Transcript (from counseling office)

To complete the Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Application:

  • Step 1: Hover over the document and click on the "pop out" button (small box with arrow in it, upper right corner of document)

  • Step 2: Click on Download icon in upper right corner and download to your desktop or Google Drive

  • Step 3: Complete the form and save

  • Step 4: Attach to an email and send to AND

  • Step 5: (Recommended): Print a copy to keep for yourself

  • Step 6: Locate the 2020-21 Scholarship Check List located below the application form

  • Step 7: Follow steps 1-5 to complete, save, and email the Scholarship Check List. Be sure to check all scholarships for which you think you might be eligible, but please don't check any for which you would clearly not be eligible.

SRSA 2020-21 Final.pdf
Scholarships check list 2020 - 2021.pdf