Current Projects

  • Information Geometry-Based Performance Enhancement for Policy-Based Reinforcement Learning with Large Action Spaces (NRF, 2017.09- )
  • Research and Development of Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithms for Autonomous Digital Companion (IITP, 2016.12- )
  • Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (ADD, 2019.12 - )
  • Machine Learning Based Edge Computing Operation Optimization (IITP, 2019.04- )
  • Development of Disaster Response Algorithm through Internet Big Data Analysis based on Artificial Intelligence (NRF, 2019.09- )

Past Projects

  • Pattern Analysis and Anomoly Detection of AMI Smart Meter Data Based on Machine Learning Algorithms (KEPCO, 2016.05-2016.11)
  • 5G Open Reference Model : Link Level Simulation (IITP, 2016.08- 2019.02)
  • 5G Giga Korea Project (ETRI, 2014.07 - 2018.04)
  • Research on Interference Problem for Future Wireless Networks for Smartphone Era (NRF, 2010.09-2016.10)
  • Development of Fundamental Techologies for User-Centric 5G Mobile Personal Cells (ETRI, 2013.04-2016.02)
  • Development of Adaptive Beam Multiple Access Technology without Interference Based on Antenna Node Grouping (KCC, 2011.03-2016.02)
  • 5G Mobile Communication Systems Based on Beam Division Multiple Access and Relays with Gropu Cooperation (KCC, 2008.03-2013.02)
  • Can Modern Communication/Network Theories Inspire Brain Reverse Engineering and Vice Versa? (KAIST, 2011.06-2012.12)
  • KAIST B4G System Core Technologies and Simulator Development (Samsung Electronics, 2007.05-2011.07)
  • Next Generation Tactical Information Communication Network (ETRI, 2008.03-2010.02)
  • Distributed Inference in Wireless Sensor Networks: Inference Machines on Network Graphs (KRF, 2009.01-2009.12, Global Research Nework Project. Collaboration with Princeton University)
  • An Integrative Design Approach to Wireless and Sensor Networks (KAIST, 2007.02-2009.12)