Sini Tuomisalo

genre: bossa nova, chanson, Russian romances, songs of Finnish composer Toivo Kärki, Finnish tangos, musical theatre, music production (melody and lyrics)

education: Palmgren Conservatory, 2010 (Pori, Finland), St. Petersburg State Conservatory 2004-08, Trieste Conservatory (Italy) 2010-11, Eurajoki Christian Folk High School – studying to play organ in Finnish churches (2012), studies for young musicians 1994-95 also in Eurajoki, Finland

other education: Meri-Porin lukio High School 1985, Commercial School examination in Turun Kauppaoppilaitos 1989 (Travel and Tourism Section)

instruments: vocal, piano, organ, melodyhorn, accordeon, percussions, ukulele bass

singing languages: Finnish, French, Russian, Portuguese, English, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Greek…

albums: 8 albums recorded during 2003-2018, Russian music, Bossa Novas, Finnish songs, chanson

partners and colleagues in 2020: guitarist Jaska Aalto, accordeonist Vesa Formunen, Ravintola Reposaari Anton Gladkikh, Lounasravintola Patria

location: Reposaari (Pori, Finland)

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performances: see the home page (Finnish version only)