Paris, 21-25 November 2022

This is the website for the 2022 meeting "Singularities and applications", that will take place between November 21st and November 25th 2022.

Courses by:

  • Marco Golla (Nantes)

  • David Rydh (Stockholm)

  • Mattia Talpo (Pisa)

List of speakers:

  • Maria Alberich Carramiñana (Barcelona)

  • Angelica Benito (Madrid)

  • Jean-Baptiste Campesato (Angers)

  • David Bourqui (Rennes)

  • Tomasz Pełka (Warsaw)

(*=to be confirmed)

André Belotto da Silva, Hussein Mourtada, Josée Reyno, Matteo Ruggiero, Bernard Teissier.

Josée Reyno.

Singularities in Paris 2022