Seo Made simple step by step guide

What is SEO and How it work?

SEO "Search Engine Optimization is a process of On page and Off page SEO , Where on page Seo stand for to visualize your content and convert in to SEO friendly content ,And off page SEO stand for providing Social signal and other activities with your content to increase your search visibility on search engine.

What are the types of seo and it impact ?

Actually SEO has 3 different types part and each stand for different value and those values are countable in White hat seo Grey hat SEO and black hat seo.

And theses type of SEO help crawler to understand the value of any content to indexed in search console ,But the most power ful SEO is on page SEO which is liked by the google search engine and other search engine like Bing and yahoo etc.

Here are the part of SEO How they work and why one should know about 3 types of seo.

White Hat Seo

White Hat seo is mostly liked by a google and other search engine and it bring a trust to your Site and Allow user to get the content through white hat seo .

Grey hat seo

It is a middle wall, which stand for yellow zone ,where you are in a Zone to get improve your irrelevant Activities from your content otherwise you will be get penalized from the search engine.

Black hat seo

This a short term SEO strategy, which user use to empower their search visibility on search engine with doing outsource other Activities from off page seo ,but In this strategy user get penalized and listed in black list ,and one you get penalized by search engine you can't increase your search visibility on search engine .

What are the on page SEO technique?

On page SEO is a tactic which is used as a strategy to empower your content search visibility on any search engine result ,Mostly on page is known for inner structure of your content.

And to do onpage SEO you need to wright a content ,which should be user friendly content and also a SEO friendly content .

Here SEO friendly content "Means" a content which should be written in proper manner like - Title ,Meta description,HTML tag in H1,H2,H3---H6, Image Attribution and the last and important is keyword placement .

Here keyword placement "Means" you have to keep your content Alive with placing keyword in your Content ,Title tag ,Images ,Meta tag or you can say Meta description and Some Main keyword related suggested keyword which help search engine crawler to understand , that what type of content you provide and suppose to search engine to crawl.

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What are the off page technique ? social book marking ,Back link,social shares etc?

Off page SEO Stand for your content promotion,While it has Many type of valid and invalid source to provide content Activities signal to search console to increase your ranking on search engine.

Here off page Activities are

1- Web 2.0 Bookmarking -

Here bookmarking stand for web 2.0 sites ,Were you can create your Account in Question and Answer forum sites ,review forum ,and Disquisition forum etc.

2-Social Bookmarking -

These site are Social sites ,which provide a platform to his user to share their unique content and put their link on your content and most of the site provide a Do follow Back link, which help to increase Page Authority and Domain Authority.

3-Social shares -

These type sites are the social media platform ,which provide a platform to their user to share their thought through content and generate leads and increase visitor and brand popularity.

4- Back link -

Backlink stand for Most 2 important factor ,Where it help to provide a signal to the search engine that your site has a unique and quality content ,which help other Authority site to provide More information related to particular keyword to their Audience.

And second way backlink help to increase visitor to your site from referral website site,and such genuine visitor are known as organic traffic ,But in case their are two type of backlink.

1-Do follow Back link

2- No follow Back link

Where Do follow backlink help to engage more traffic to your particular site and other way No follow Backlink help you to maintain your Backlink ratio to keep safe from Google and other search engine Algorithm to penalized your backlink strategy.

How to write SEO friendly content?

To write a seo friendly content you have to also look after the user friendly content ,cause somme time writing a SEO friendly content ,you can forget to write user friendly content.

"Means" while writing your content ,your keyword placement idea may loose your content redabilty to your user ,So that,s why if SEO friendly content is important then User friendly content is also important.

Actually,while writing a user friendly content always remember that Don't try to stuff keyword on your content always place your keyword were it seems relevant.

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What to notice while writing a seo friendly Content?

Here are step by step guide to wright SEO friendly content

keyword research -

Here keyword research is important fact ,which provide a possibility to be search on search engine ,So always keep in mind while writing SEO friendly content ,that you have to do keyword research and get those keyword which are low competitor and has high search volume "Not less then 2000/monthly visitor".

Try theses free keyword research tool to find relevant keyword for your content.

Image Alt tag -

We all know that images have great factor to visualize your content and keep it alive for user experience ,but here you have to give address to your Images ,that Search engine Crawler can understand that Actually what type of image you have in your content.

Seo friendly Pages -

Here SEO friendly pages "Means" A pages that has been navigated properly, but here you have to remember that you have to Avoid creating pages, which already exit in your site and cause error to crawler and get confused, which pages should be submitted or indexed.

SEO friendly Permalink -

SEO friendly permalink has a great impact ,Which increase your content visibilty and also help to improve your search engine ranking ,So while creating permalink always mention your content Main keyword and remove stuff word like-is ,of,and ,it and so etc.

Post title -

Post title always is Mandatory to create and keep attractive tittle in your content ,cause it help you to attract visitor to your site to read content,but remember that the title must be related to your content ,If you Avoid such cause of Mistakes you can get to to drop down your ranking cause of having a lots of bounce rate.

And in this condition search engine always look to provide a genuine content to their organic user.Who are searching for any keyword to get the solution ,to find out places and want to resolve the issues etc.

Note -

You have to place your keyword in your post title and for best seo result ,your title should start with your main keyword.

Meta tag/Meta Description -

Meta tag/Meta description is the source, which you will see below at the Title and which is used to provide a short description,which can be written in a Simple and attractive manners ,

And such of Short description help user to get more confident to access to visit your Site .


While writing your Meta tag Description you have to place your main keyword and one of suggested keyword of your main keyword.

Cause while placing your keyword it help user to get to notice that what type of keyword related information you have in your content.

Short Description about SEO which are crawler friendly

While doing SEO We have to remember that your website run with a Html coding and all part of the content are in different part ,which are separated between html Tag , and each tag has different value and attributes.

Exp:-Inside the html tag there are different part of tag Like - Header tag ,body tag ,meta tag ,title tag H 1 to H 6 heading tag ,and paragraph tag etc.

And such example shows that all tag work as different features,So when search engine crawler crawl your content site structure it only focus on keyword and suggested keyword from each and every particular tag.

So that,s why if you want to search engine crawler to crawl your website content without any error and issues with fully optimized content ,then placement of keyword in proper manner help to increase your search visibility on search engine.

And such type of Keyword placement Strategy in all html tag help you to rank your website rank easily on on google search engine and other search engine like yahoo and Bing etc.

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