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Rosie and the Time Thief

Begin the exciting adventure through History and Maths with the first book in the series 'The King's Seal'.  Schoolgirl Rosie finds herself thrown into a hectic pursuit of an evil Time Thief hellbent on destroying History.  Guided by the Time Spirit Gryn she uses her wits and skills to chase the missing Time Map to try to keep the past and the future safe.

Each book in the series has a Maths and a History theme and embedded throughout is a secret code which readers must decipher in order to discover the Secret Chapter on this website. 

For parents and schools there are worksheets which link to each book downloadable from the individual book's web page.

The King's Seal

The first book in the series Rosie discovers she has a Time Map not before the evil Time Thief Mercun has taken it and charged off into the past.  She meets Gryn the Time Spirit who helps her navigate her way through Viking and Saxon England, into the heart of the Battle of Edington to try to save King Alfred's royal seal. 

Nefertiti's Pendant

In the second book in the series Rosie and Gryn are transported back to Ancient Egypt and battle with conspiring priests to try and save the life of the famous queen Nefertiti.  They have to take even bigger risks and overcome more difficult challenges to try and keep their search for the Time Map on track.  

Mercun and Mary

The third installment of Rosie and Gryn's travels through time sees them come face to face with England's greatest spymaster.  They have to use all of their courage an skills to not only outwit him but to challenge the Time Thief Mercun to make sure they get to the Time Map before Mercun traps them in the 1500s   

An Unexpected Ally

Rosie and Gryn don't go too far in time in book four, but they travel a great deal of distance as they end up on a Seventeenth Century pirate ship working alongside someone they might never have thought they would.   

The Ring of War

After the catastrophic events of An Unexpected Ally Rosie and Gryn land in the middle of the Great War without any idea if the Time Map and Mercun are even there.  Their new friend Ronald Tolkein helps them navigate the codes and trenches of the Somme in 1916.

The Oxford Witch

Rosie and Gryn arrive back in the 17th Century but this time they are on dry land and right in the middle of the English Civil War.  Along with Dr William Harvey they need to get the time map off the young princes James and Charles before Mercun realises where it is.

The Duel of Dilpe

A tale of a battle between a small Belgian chocolate maker and a notoriously naughty boy.  One is corrupted by the power the chocolate from his ancient recipe gives him, the other determined to stop him at all costs.  The first two books take place at exactly the same time but are told from the perspective of the main characters and give you very different sympathies depending on which one you read first!

The Rise of Hugo Haemers

Hugo Haemers is the latest of his family to take over the famous chocolate shop in Dilpe. He fears he may be the last as cheaper and inferior rivals start up in the town. He takes drastic measures to save his shop and begins an incredible adventure to find the world's greatest flavours. Helped by a great explorer and a mysterious thief he finds himself on a new path with only one thing blocking his way, a small boy named Peter Claus. 

The Infamous Peter Claus

When Peter Claus first meets the famous Belgian Chocolate maker Hugo Haemers he thinks all of his dreams have come true. He plans to learn all he can and follow in his footsteps. However his plans are thrown into chaos when his friend's plans to save his chocolate shop takes a sinister turn. 

Milo the Monkey

The Milo the Monkey Series are picture books for the younger reader designed to help with learning about numbers.  Milo is a mischievous monkey whose antics bring him into the lives of other animals who each have a connection with a particular number

The Grumpy Giraffe

Milo is sent to find ways to occupy himself by his exasperated mother.  He finds a solitary giraffe who has no time for making friends.  Milo decides he wants to change that!

The Stripeless Zebra

Milo manages to turn a heartbroken Zebra into a fashionable champion.

The Broken Butterfly

Milo helps an injured insect fly again,

The Funny Fish

Milo meets his match with a very naughty friend by the river.

The Lying Lion

Milo's bad behaviour lands him in trouble - will a new friend help him out?

The Stubborn Snail

Milo is not allowed to rest by a greedy snail.

The Embarrassing Emu

Milo can't do his chores because of a very naughty bird!

The Chubby Cheetah

Milo helps his friend gain the respect of his fellow cheetahs

The Falling Flamingo

An unfortunate Flamingo finds out just how helpful Milo can be.