Fluid Analysis

Get Started: download and install download blueCAPE - OpenFoam 4.x

Examples below are all designed to be run using the OpenFoam and demo version of Mecway (model size under 1000 nodes)

Start from the bottom, work your way up. Links to workshop files are included in YouTube video description. Models are simple, easy to change and observe effects. New examples added all the time.

Questions, Comments, Requests? Drop us a line: info@simcommons.com

Open Foam - Multiphase Flow

Uses SimCommons work flow tools

Open Foam - Tesla Valve

Uses SimCommons work flow tools

Open Foam - Bare Bones Workflow - start to understand FILES

OpenFoam - Bare Bones Workflow - local refinement zones

OpenFoam - Bare Bones Workflow - Multi-phase

OpenFoam - Bare Bones Workflow - CAD to Flow in under 5 minutes

Check out these ways to explore OpenFoam (Check Back, More to Come!)

József Nagy - YouTube channel for learning Open Foam

Tobias Holzmann - YouTube channel for learning Open Foam

The OpenFOAM Foundation - OpenFoam Org main website

OpenFoam Official Home - OpenFoam Com main website

SimScale - Commercial web-based FEA/CFD, uses Calculix for solver.

SimScale Academy - SimScale Education resource

FreeCAD - Open Source CAD with developing interface to Calculix