Silver Screen Solutions: Teaching Management Topics Using Recently Released Films


This professional development workshop (PDW) introduces pragmatic, engaging, and easy-to-administer classroom activities that use clips from recent movies to facilitate learning in the management classroom. Presenters representing a variety of institutions (teaching- and research- oriented, private and public, small and large, etc.) and content areas (human resources, organization behavior, leadership, entrepreneurship, business ethics, film, and management) will share their classroom-authenticated activities and accompanying teaching materials in an interactive open-space, roundtable learning format. Attendees will receive instructions for drawing on movie clips to illustrate such topics as cognitive bias, teams, entrepreneurship/new product development, generational workplace issues/age discrimination/reverse mentoring, purpose of work/definition of success, strategy development, innovation, ethics, motivation, and leadership. These teaching materials will be made available to attendees via a free open-access website.


Sheraton Boston Hotel

Room: Berkeley AB


2:30PM - 4:00PM


Saturday, August 10th, 2019