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A Closer Look at Silver City Drilling’s Oil and Gas Extraction Services

Oil and gas mining are two of Australia’s largest industries and proudly catering to both national and international clientele – Silver City Drilling have been at the forefront of these endeavours for more than a decade. And with over 50 years of experience in the field of drilling; it’s their access to some of the most advanced pieces of equipment and broad array of vehicles that makes their services so highly in demand around the country.

In particular, their gas and oil drilling services encompass a broad range of solutions made available for commercial and privatised sectors. Some of their most effective services include:

· Coal bore holing

· Well abandonment and management

· Maintenance of wells and sourcing structures

· CSG drilling

· Safe gas deposit drilling

· Oil well establishment

Maintaining Wells

Even in cases whereby Silver City Drilling haven’t established the presence of a well; their advanced equipment and skilled personnel can help by maintaining, repairing and even rehabilitating wells of all types. From those that have been established on land to source gas and oil, right through to alternative set ups situated in the ocean – the company can look after a host of needs suitable for a variety of maintenance purposes.


New gas and oil deposits are discovered frequently in and around Australia and SCD consider it their priority to help those in charge of the zones to maximise their output by employing the most effective techniques and assets for the task at hand. By using state of the art exploration equipment not only can the company discover new deposits – they can also identify key entry points and test for quality, purity and density in the process.


With a new deposit of oil or gas discovered, the next step for the business is to introduce measures to excavate a particular part of the land or sea bed – paving the way for a well to be installed. During the excavation period, wells can be established with diameters up to 32 feet and options to dig as deep as 500 metres. And this is just for their steered mine break through drilling solutions – in other cases they can excavate up to 2400 metres, particularly when addressing abandoned wells, or plugging unused shafts.

Unlike so many of their competitors, SCD specialise in providing access points via bore holes and shafts that can enjoy entry to a host of resources. One of their most recent breakthroughs relates to their ability to safely drill into diamond mines deep underground with minimal risk and allowing direct access to the mine itself.

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