100 oz Silver bars

Why Buy Silver? All You Need to Know About Investing in 100-oz Silver Bars

Silver bullion bars, also called “silver ingot bars,” consist of 99.99% silver and range in size from 1 ounce to 5000 ounces. The 10 oz silver bars and 100-oz bar sizes are extremely popular with collectors.

Silver bars are primarily an industrial produce, intended to be used as a storage means as well as a trading medium. 100-oz silver bars should be bought only as an investment and not for bartering purposes because of their fast liquidity. Check out the best place to buy silver bars.

A 100-oz silver bar is of manageable weight. It weighs around 3 kg, i.e., it contains 3,107.2 grams of pure silver. This holds for a 0.999 fine silver bar. For a 0.9999 fine silver, the bar has around 3,110 grams of pure silver.

Advantages of Owning 100-oz of Silver Bars

  • Uniform size makes them very convenient to store and handle
  • Fine consistency with a 0.999 fine silver
  • Ambitious pricing and premiums
  • Portable
  • Liquid internationally
  • Protect your wealth from uncertain times, bank failures and other unforeseen events

Investment Bars

The 100-oz silver bars are desirable because they offer a low markup (difference between selling price of a good/service and cost) over the spot price of silver (the price at which silver is available in the market now). Collectors are likely to sell when silver prices go up, hence the name “investment bars.”

Some of the world’s largest silver bullion bar makers have not produced silver bars since the mid-1980s, which means that their silver bars will be available in the market only if a collector decides to sell them.

Who Makes Silver Bars?

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is an internationally recognized association for silver bullion. Its primary function is the maintenance of the Good Delivery List (also known as GDL) for refiners of silver. LBMA does not regulate the production of 100-oz silver bars, but it is important to buy from a refiner who is on the LBMA’s Good Delivery List (GDL) since it is recognized and trusted in the market.

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Styles and Types of Silver Bars

Silver bars are produced by melting silver and pouring it into molds. Afterwards, the bars are left to cool. During the cooling process, the manufacturing company stamps its engravings on the bars for uniqueness. Minted ingots, however, require a higher degree of production effort.

Silver Bar Prices

Being a commodity that is traded 24 hours per day, the spot price of silver bars changes every few seconds during market hours. These prices are usually quoted in US dollars ($) and remain the same throughout the world markets. Prices of silver bars mainly depend upon:

  • The weight and purity of the silver bar
  • Silver spot prices
  • Silver bar premium price (the percentage adjustment that is added or deducted from silver spot price)
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The spot prices in the international markets may fluctuate due to the following reasons:

  • Supply and demand
  • Currency fluctuations
  • Inflation fears
  • Geopolitical risks
  • Asset allocation, and more

The silver bar premium is determined by:

  • Cost of production
  • Refining
  • Fabrication
  • Minting
  • Logistics of making silver bars
100 oz silver bars value

To figure out the price of a bar, multiply the spot price of silver by the number of troy ounces in the silver bar (100 oz in this case). Add or subtract the current premium of the bar.

Current Price of Silver Bar = (Spot price) * (100) ± (Premium price)

Buying Silver Bars

Buying silver bars is an easy and simple process. They can be bought online for delivery or storage using bullion companies’ online services. They can also be bought traditionally from a local company.

It is important to remember that buying 100-oz silver bars from a single company gets riskier over time. It is advisable to spread silver allocation across three or more companies. That way, if investors favor changes from one bullion bar to another, the damage at the buyer’s end is mitigated with a possession of multiple 100-oz silver bullion bars.

Insured delivery of silver bars to homes, although not a popular option but still prevalent among some clients, is another foolproof method to buy.

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Silver Bars or Coins

When it comes to buying silver, the question undoubtedly comes down to whether one should buy silver coins or bars. There are no clear answers here because a lot of deciding information comes from the current market conditions, possible future selling price and currency fluctuations.

Unlike silver coins which are minted at a government level, most silver bars are minted privately. Furthermore, silver bars such as 100-oz bars contain more ounces overall and involve a lower silver premium than coins or rounds. If the highest priority of the buyer is to get the most silver bullion weight for their money, silver bars are a better option.

On Storing Silver

A convenient way of investing in silver bullion is to purchase them and store them in special bank vaults.

Some companies provide confidential and isolated bullion bank vault storage in partnership with trusted warehouse companies, preferably in countries with safer jurisdictions. A drawback of this investment is that the buyer does not physically possess the silver and if luck is not on their side, some dishonest warehouses can scam them and sell the silver on black markets.

Selling Silver Bars

With the help of the internet, most companies have automated their silver selling process. It involves direct human-to-human interactions via a safe medium, preferably on the company’s website. Other ways of selling include using the company’s convenient online stores or by contacting their trained precious metal specialists. Often, these companies do not restrict silver bar selling to a minimum, encouraging potential sellers of all sizes. Their silver shipment prices are affordable as well.


At the end of the day, the value of silver holds against the test of time. It is the cheapest of all precious metals, and it is still treasured as a value asset. Not only does it protect its owner from currency weakening, but it also ensures financial stability in times of inflation or deflation. A hundred-ounce silver bar is ideal for making such an investment to secure your future. Buying and selling silver bars is made easier in modern times with the ease of online shopping.