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Bonita is The Hairstylist and Owner of Silked in South Orange, NJ. She proudly serves a big clientele from Northern and Southern New Jersey, all five boroughs of NYC , Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. With nine years in the Cosmetology industry , Bonita prides herself in offering stellar styles in a serene environment ; growing her clients hair, and providing natural, tension free extensions. Her knowledge , customer service, and attention to detail keeps people coming back.

Policies of Silked The Salon:

You can expect a response to inquiries Tu-Fri 10am-8pm & 9am-3pm on Saturdays. Tuesday appts & consultation clients only, can call on Mondays.

There is a strict NO Refund Policy. Switching a service will result in a credit. There are 2 weeks to use your credit if you are rescheduling in advance. Same Day Cancelation = a deposit loss.

Theres' a possible wait time, but not typical.

There is a fee of $75+ for matted hair. All customers are to arrive with their hair FULLY DETANGLED, and BRUSHED out. Refrain from using Castor, Coconut Oil & Beeswax & gel prior to arrival.

The Salon is on the 2nd floor of 75 "South Orange Square." Parking is behind , at the S.O Library (free) & metered on the other half. The Silked lot is closed for construction. There's 2 hr. free parking on Connet Pl. (Dead End). ...Enter through door 75 in the front or back of the building & walk upstairs to Suite 210. The front entrance is located between the Pharmacy and Verizon. Download the app "Park Mobile" and know your license plate # + parking spot # to pay the meter remotely.

The use of heat & thermal styling poses the risk of permanently altering your natural curl pattern. You assume the risk when getting serviced.

High Density hair is subject to a "Mega Mane" fee , increased pricing.

Due to Covid-19 , all customers of Silked are required to sign the waiver in their confirmation email agreeing to be serviced for the present date & the future. Masks are to be worn by everyone. Please do not come sick, with a fever or cough.

Call & text to cancel or reschedule 24+ hours in advance. No shows cannot re-book.

No extra people or eating. There is a $30 late fee with a 10 minute grace period.

A shampoo is included with ALL services.

Balances are paid via Zelle or cash. All appointments are booked on Schedulicity. A 50% deposit is required for Microlinks via Zelle or Cash only.

The balance for Microlinks may be taken at the halfway mark of the Appointment.

A Consultation is Required for Microlink installs for new customers and first timers. Do not book Microlink Installs without being approved via consultation + a deposit.

Matted Microlinks will result in a takedown.

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