Triforce Legends

The Master Sword Source: Reddit

Here are some of my works that I dedicated time to developing. In exchange I hope you take the time to read them. Also, please feel free to tell me what you think about my portfolio by going to my Comment Wall!

If anyone is interested in the reason behind the name "Triforce Legends" then read this. I'm a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda and wanted to incorporate its theme onto my website. The triforce is an artifact that serves as the "Golden Power" and represents the balance between courage, widsom, and power. After posting my first story, I decided to portray one aspect in each of my story. Wildlife Tragedy showcases courage through the capybara. The second story exhibits wisdom by the Goddess Ganges.

Lastly, If anyone has any advice on how to intensify each trait in my stories please tell me! I've recently decided to write my stories this way so I would love some feedback on how to make them better.